Emergency services called to car and e-scooter collision in Broadstairs

Image Kent Police

A child was checked over by paramedics today (August 15) following a collision between a car and an e-scooter in Broadstairs.

Police and ambulance attended the incident in The Broadway at 12.13pm.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police received a report of a collision involving an e-scooter and a car at 12.13pm on Tuesday 15 August.

“Officers attended the scene in The Broadway, Broadstairs. A child was checked over by attending paramedics.”


  1. Whilst glad the child was ok, if it was my car involved in this I would be suing his parents for any damage to my car as the scooter is totally illegal to be on public roads.

  2. The only way you going to stop the accidents with e scooters .Is with a total ban on sales. I’ve watched the rider’s come straight off the kerbs on to a road without a glance over there shoulder.

  3. They can be bought from Curry’s. The advice they give is that the bikes are suitable for 16+. Nothing about their use being illegal on public roads and in public places.

  4. Did police seize offending e scooter or offer advice to child’s parents regarding legality of these things?

  5. As a considerent car driver, I get fed of these things ,pulling straight out in front of me .All you get from them is abuse.I have a dash cam fitted ,for my protection, from these and cyclists.I advice to all drivers to have one fitted,you never know if you need them

  6. They should be licensed with number plates. if the licensee allows an minor to drive it on the public highway or anywhere else then they should be held responsible. Most of them, nearly all boys, have no road sense or consideration for other road or pavement users at all. I’m surprised there haven’t been more accidents by now.

  7. On holiday on crete the country lanes had road side memorials .Where the youngsters would ride moped and no crash helmet. I should imagine UK wide a fair few people have been killed riding these death traps

  8. I personally ride one but am considerate of cars and pedestrians, I would happily pay insurance but also believe it should be minimum age of 17 like cars

    • Hels you can’t insure an illegal machine! The problem is e-scooters come under the Road Traffic Act, and if they are not insured then the police should cease them, the same as they would an uninsured motor bike or car, so why are they not doing this? Perhaps its because they can’t catch them, so get a mini stinger! One nearly hit me again on my mobility scooter this morning, which is insured, on the wrong side of the road!

  9. Funny, I knew what the comments here would say before I even looked. You all talk about banning things like it has ever been a success in the past. Regulation is the only way to gain control, bring in licenses and numberplates, there will be more scooters (which is inevitable anyway) but the drivers would be as safe and considerate as car drivers are (haha)

    • There are children running around on them! At present if someone was able to hire am e-scooter from a regulated hire company taking part in a scheme, the rider must be at least 16, and have a minimum of a Provisional Driving license! So the police should be confiscating the machines in Thanet because they are all illegal here!

  10. It’s not about banning them . It’s about the way they are used. 1 minute there on the path next there in the road. No amount of legislation is going to tame that. There supposed to be illegal on public roads. And how many fires due to cheap chappy batteries.

  11. Its no good moaning about e-scooters, they wont be going away just like drugs. A way to accommodate them in the best way must be found.

  12. I did notice in the report they did not say if the e-scooter was seized by the police. Knowing our local police they probably gave it back to the kid. In other areas that would have been seized. I hope the parents pay for any damage to the drivers car. There have been a lot of reports about accidents involving e-scooters, one was a fatal accident. You would think parents would not let their kids out on them, but they do. A parent with a child went past me a week ago on an e-scooter also on the road. These need to be to be licensed and insured, also have a number plate and lights put on them.

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