Meeting to discuss concerns over Sunningdale House Developments to be held in St Nicholas at Wade

Sunningdale House development in St Nicholas at Wade

A meeting is being held in St Nicholas at Wade next week for those affected by issues with Sunningdale House Developments.

Sunningdale House Developments has sites across the south of England including in St Nicholas at Wade, Broadstairs, Monkton and Minster.

However, the sites have been inactive in recent weeks and workmen reportedly stopped carrying out snagging work yesterday (August 4).

Residents/buyers are expected to discuss concerns over snagging, the viability of Sunningdale’s developments and how the sites will be completed as well as issues at individual properties.

Sunningdale House Developments formed in December 2014 and was originally based in Sandwich but relocated to Manston in 2022, It is headed by David Pownceby who formerly was a director of Lilybrook Developments which was dissolved in 2013.

Sunningdale has a number of different registered companies related to different sites.

According to Companies House Mr Pownceby (pictured) has resigned, as of July, from some of these companies including Sunningdale (North Foreland) Sunningdale (st Nicholas), Sunningdale (Dover Road Walmer) Sunningdale (Sandgate) Sunningdale (Minster) Sunningdale (Maidstone) Sunningdale House Developments (TWONE) Sunningdale (Eastry) but retains his position at several other companies.

The new director of some of the developments is listed as Robert John Locker.

The meeting will be held at St Nicholas at Wade village hall, organised by North Thanet MP Sir Roger Gale, on Thursday (August 10) from 7pm.

Sir Roger Gale will speak with Sunningdale residents who have any worries or issues with their house or estate.


  1. I spoke to one of the workforce a week ago at the North Foreland site. He said the company is restructuring currently with a minimal crew.

  2. A lot of construction companies are closing down . Due to material and labour cost . With interest rates so high and cash flow slowing down . A lot of company’s relie on bank funding

  3. Just another rich bloke saying I’ve made my money and everyone else can just put up with with it.
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  4. Just the start with mortgage rates going up house pricing in free full a lot are going to go soon

  5. I wonder if Sunningdale told those who bought houses in St Nicholas about the plans a 24/7 freight hub that they would be on the flight path of?

      • When you employ a solicitor to handle a house purchase, one of the things they do is check on issues that might affect the quality of life in your intended purchase.
        Were someone to consider buying a house in the vicinity of an airport, there is a duty on his or her solicitor to report on these circumstances.

  6. And what do the residents hope to gain by speaking to our Roger. Sounds to me theve already been Rodgered once by a builder who’s probably struggling with cash flow. Just come clean and let your customer’s know what’s ready going on in the background.

  7. Mr pownceby a few years ago was behind lillybrooks going under and recently to subcontractors who went under this year have recently taken their own life, I’m not saying he is responsible but it sure is a major coincidence, for everything that is going on with this check out shepwayvox there’s also a very rich person who has protected his money he has another man on the inside looking after his money I can’t remember his name.

    • Terry Marsh is the guy who has worked with David since Lillybrooks and David’s right hand man. Terry Marsh lives in Canterbury.

  8. Robert John Locker is the man who was put in charge by Sir David Kirch in June to manage his business. One thing for sure he isn’t stupid and he is saving himself and doesn’t care about anyone else getting hurt.

  9. In the current economic environment there won’t be much building for some years. Whether people like it or not these building companies are not charities so if margins are tight and there is no demand the sites will be moth balled. They can put out ambitious plans for building houses in the next twenty years but it takes private money to execute the plan.

    • If there’s “no demand”, then why is the government imposing huge house building quotas on local authorities up and down the land?

  10. Way way too much building on green fields, specially the fields which could be used for growing produce. #buildonbrownfieldbuildonmanston

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