Environment Agency advice against bathing at Viking Bay for third day

Viking Bay Photo Peter Brown

Advice against bathing at Viking Bay has been issued by the Environment Agency for a third day.

The Environment Agency makes daily pollution risk forecasts and will issue the warning against bathing in the sea when water quality is forecast to reduce. This can be based on factors such as heavy rainfall or strong winds.

A warning was initially issued on August 1 and again yesterday. It has now been renewed for today.

Contamination can come from a range of sources including surface water outfall, run off from roofs, roads, driveways and pavements and other debris.

Rain, tide, wind, sunlight and seasonality can affect the levels of bacteria that get washed into the sea from livestock, sewage and urban drainage via rivers and streams and how they disperse.

The Environment Agency says levels of bacteria typically return to normal after a day or so but it’s possible to have several warning days in a row.

The bathing water data for Viking Bay on the Environment Agency website says: “Environment Agency samplers make observations of litter present on the beach at every visit, this includes assessments of sewage debris, litter and tar.

“At Broadstairs, Viking Bay for the four year (2019-2022) assessment period where data is available, sewage debris was not noted at this site. Litter was not assessed as being sufficient to be objectionable, but was observed as being present on 95% of visits. Tarry residue was not noted at this site.”

It adds that five pollution risk warnings were issued for the beach in 2022.

The last classification for water quality in 2022 rated Viking Bay as good.

The pollution risk warning will mean a third day of impact for beach businesses, including Kent Surf School where sessions and equipment hire have again had to be cancelled.


    • They do anything to make sure all visitors and locals go to Margate, yet in truth I doubt there’s anything in the water it’s tidal its different every tide every day , someone just deciding to ruin people’s fun and holidays.

  1. Just rationalise,them and the power companies,WITHOUT compensation to the shareholders,they have screwed ,enough out of us already.Just take away their shares .A vote winner Sir Kier Starmer???

  2. Well, yes, it seems that the public is heartily sick of the privatised water industry and well over 60% want it re-nationalised. I agree ,though I would like more democratic input and public participation this time round, not like the previous time it was nationalised when it was run like a private business without much investment.
    A vote-winner? No doubt. But, unfortunately, Kier Starmer won’t take advantage of this because he, and his clique of advisers, just don’t believe in public ownership.
    They believe in private ownership of the economy. They just can’t imagine any other way of running things, and they get generous donations from big Corporations to make sure they stay that way.

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