Sir Tom Jones wows Dreamland gig-goers and brings back memories of 1966 show for Margate’s Mick Tee

Sir Tom Jones on stage at Dreamland Photo Frank Leppard

Photos Frank Leppard

Superstar Tom Jones blasted out hits from What’s New Pussycat? to Delilah, and You Can Leave Your Hat On when he took to the Dreamland stage this week – and brought back memories for one man who introduced the singer when he last visited the venue in 1966.

Mick Tomlinson, who was at the gig last night (July 28) with wife Shirley, was a young DJ at Dreamland when Sir Tom first visited the town on tour 57 years ago.

Photo Frank Leppard

The former Margate mayor and now new chairman of the Dreamland Heritage Trust even has a copy of the original gig poster amongst his Dreamland memorabilia.

Mick worked on the management at Dreamland, planning events and publicity, and was also known by many as DJ Mick Tee, appearing in the Ballroom and Bars in the late 60s and 70s.

He was working a Wednesday record night when the star first graced the Dreamland stage.

Photo Frank Leppard

Mick said: “The poster is a copy of the original from when Tom Jones was at the Dreamland Ballroom, now called Hall by the Sea.

“I was doing the Wednesday record nights and I went to see him and I was asked if I would introduce him, this was in 1966. He had really got a name for himself in around 1964 so he was already a star.

“The entertainment manager then was Raymond Iles, a cousin in the Iles family, and he used an agency in London called Starlight Artists and would be lucky and get groups that were top of the charts down to the Dreamland Ballroom.

Photo Frank Leppard

“I can remember watching what all the young ladies were doing while I watched Tom Jones from the bar! He was great then and when we went last night he was great too.

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“Having Tom Jones in Margate for two nights is just fantastic. He was on stage for a good two hours and at 83 years old is still brilliant.

“Being there really felt like being a part of the history. It’s bringing people into the town and the people last night loved it. It brought back lovely memories”

Photo Frank Leppard

Sir Tom wowed fans on both Thursday and Friday’s sell out gigs with a trail of knickers by the stage proving he has lost none of his Sex Bomb appeal!

Amazing miniature model of Dreamland 1960 on display in heritage trust exhibition DreamCatcher


  1. Pity the people,who live next door to Dreamland,it used to be a fixed funfair. Now it’s a full on music centre,fun fair is second to ,the music.I live up by Qeqm,and could hit it all,same as other shows.I don’t want to ruin people’s pleasure,but that is loud.Even maybe stopping earlier ,say ,2200hrs.Some people have yet up early for work ,the next day,some don’t,I know .Even maybe all shows should be indoors.These thoughts may upset some ,but that’s life

    • Totally agree, far too loud & very unprofessional on behalf the sound team. I have witnessed DJs being thrown out/sacked because they had paid £hundreds for their speakers so they had to be turned up to 10 to justify they outlay

        • Outside gigs are much better than indoors.

          I do agree about the neighbour’s but I guess the correct protocol was carried out in giving dreamland a licence for out side gigs.

          What time did the gig finish ? Most finish on the dot at 10:30pm

          I do question how dreamland was given 40 million from that town thingy. The heritage side doesnt seem to be the main purpose of dreamland.

  2. You have to remember it’s mainly a residential area,thousands of homes in a very small area away.I wonder if people who are for the live music venue,would want ,it a few yards from their homes. Bet the lovers would soon ,become moaners. Dreamland was never built for live music,but an amusement park,

  3. Well said Ray the bread. Love the music or hate it. The sound must be so intrusive for those living in the vicinity, particularly Arlington House. Maybe Dreamland could offer some of their newly found funds from concerts towards secondary glazing.

  4. It’s all over by 10 30 . Lots of happy people and it brings people back to Margate. It’s probably a dozen times a year so let’s embrace it for what it is. We live in a seaside town so if you want a tranquil life perhaps the countryside is the place for you 🎶

    • No, it’s actually most weekends – 2/3 nights – throughout the summer.

      Residents chose to live next to a funfair not an outdoor music venue.

      Winter Gardens??

    • Get your facts right ,Dave Garrod , just have had a least a dozen by now,since May .At the moment ,there is another ten outdoor concerts ,before the end of the summe r.That makes it 24 ish ,it’s every weekend ,you try living next door to it ,if you can .people who don’t mind having these concerts ,at Dreamland ,do not live close to the place .No one sort of music genre is to blame ,it’s not sensible in a residential area. I her Dave ,if it was 100m from your house ,every weekend ,you would moan

  5. You could turn it down a bit but the noise depends on wind direction. We live 3/4 mile west and no sound st all this week but other times you can hear it very well. This is bringing a lot of people to town. Bars and cafes are full from late afternoon and rooms booked solid do people staying on. And it’s a great night out, can’t wait too see next years schedule. It’s over by 10.15 , 10.30 max, that’s not late at all

    • No it’s not ,most shows at Dreamland finish at 2300pm, by the time ,everyone has left the area, it’s midnight. So in your opinion money ,trumps people’s lives.That’s nice

          • 2300hrs is the curfew, ie “pull the plug” time. An 11pm finish is the rare exception (only Queens of the Stone Age from what I’m aware), and not the norm. Even rockers Placebo were finished by 22:40 and I was out of the venue within 5 minutes of that. The last train eastbound on event nights is 23:30. Definitely not thousands of people still about at midnight. Ray clearly neither goes to many gigs nor can actually hear them from where he lives otherwise would have more awareness of the reality of gig finish times these days.

  6. No ,I do not go to Dreamland for their outdoor shows,two reasons,I don’t like the arists, two, the prices,I would rather go to indoor venues and see up and coming say some shows finish 15 mins ,before cut off ,great AND yes, I do hear ,the sound up by Qeqm

  7. I see a lot of negative here. What’s wrong with seeing Margate filling up visitors again. Quit complaining about having the beaches full again? The sea front with people on it again? Do you want this town to become another ghost town and then complain it’s all going to wrack and ruin. Then complain. You moan about down forms then complain that things have stagnated since the sixties. You sit on your backsides and just complain. Just enjoy what we have

  8. Following on from my last comment. Have we forgotten the weekly fireworks displays. I’m sure they made no noise then.

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