Duo stopped at St Nicholas-at-Wade jailed for drug dealing

James Hammacott and Sam Marshall

Two drug dealers found with a large amount of cocaine and cash have been jailed for a total of more than 11 years.

James Hammacott and Sam Marshall were in a Mercedes van which Kent Police suspected was linked to drug dealing on 1 February.

The van was stopped as it drove along the A299 Thanet Way near St Nicholas-at-Wade and officers carried out a search of the vehicle.

Inside were two packages of cocaine, each weighing more than a kilo and a shoebox containing more than £25,000 in cash.

Both men were arrested and later charged by detectives from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate.

They each later admitted possession of class A drugs with intent to supply and possession of criminal property.

At Canterbury Crown Court on 20 July, Marshall, 32, of Almodington, West Sussex, was jailed for six years and one month. Hammacott, 22, of no fixed abode, was given a five-year, nine-month sentence at the same hearing.

Detective Sergeant Jon Saxby from Kent Police’s Serious Crime Directorate said: “Kent Police will not tolerate criminals coming into the county to deal drugs which lead to further crime and anti-social behaviour.

“The quick stop of this vehicle, the subsequent charges and jail terms now imposed are all part of our ongoing work to bring drug dealers to justice and take class A drugs off the streets of Kent.”


  1. its the people that are pay rolling these crimes that they need to catch , these clowns will probably be just the couriers

  2. I hope someone does something about drug dealers in margate . These 17 to 40 year old claim benefits . Are up to no good. A few are big dealers . I see them . I want our police to take them off the streets

  3. I am thinking of an exposure page online . I know many of our communities see the drug dealers every day, Some are small time dealers , but a few a major importers . I see it in Margate. I bet a lot of you guys around kent see it in your area too . We can protect our kids , If we expose these very bad people. who destroy lives

  4. The war on drugs is lost.

    If we De-criminalise most drugs that will free up the police to fight violent and anti social crime.

    Regulate and control chemical highs through our pharmaceuticals industry. They have done a good job with legal drugs. You cannot stop people getting a chemical fix if they want one. Our grandparents did similar, down the pub every night after work. Ask any Police officer and they will tell you alcohol is more dangerous than drugs. Especially when digging deeper into the crimes of Driving, Violence, Theft, domestic violence, anti social behaviour, murder and suicide.

    The Americans proved prohibition does not work and a few European partners are trialing this. The govt could even tax them.

  5. So many in Thanet turning a blind eye , They need to upgrade the community, We can get rid of these dealers, The police can help us

  6. In Sweden criminals are fined according to their salary which I think is a very good idea. 💡 💡 💡

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