Police seize £113k worth of drugs after police stop car with flat tyre in Margate

Image Kent Police

Two people have been arrested, with one now charged, after spotting a car with a flat tyre led to Kent Police officers seizing up to £113,000 worth of drugs in Thanet.

The defect and other damage resulted in a Ford Focus being stopped in St Peter’s Road, Margate, at around 8.15pm on Sunday (July 16).

Officers from the town’s Neighbourhood Task Force arrested the driver after finding a small amount of cocaine and cannabis in the vehicle.

Subsequent enquiries led them to carry out a search of a property in Ramsgate where greater quantities of both drugs were found and a woman was arrested.

A Mercedes car was also seized from the address using legislation under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act.

Przemyslaw Tasak, 30, of Gilbert Road, Ramsgate, has since been charged with possession with intent to supply class A and B drugs.

He was remanded in custody by Folkestone magistrates on Tuesday (18 July) and will next appear at Canterbury Crown Court on Monday 21 August.

A 25-year-old woman arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs was released on bail pending further enquiries.


  1. You’d get 200points for that name on scrabble lol

    Scummy drug pushers should be forced to consume all their drugs!

    • It might not his fault as he might have ADHD and other mental health problems . If the voices in his head told him to sell drugs he was coerced so we should let him off with a warning and a £150 fine (to be paid at £1 a month)
      Jailing this poor man would be wrong and cruel as We would be taking away his human rights to a family life and he might have a goldfish that relies on him, plus it could possibly be conceived as racist. The only real victims of crime are the criminals.

      • The 5.55 comment was not amusing. Even without the mention of ADHD etc, it still wouldn’t be amusing.

        • Might not be amusing MM Rees, but that’s the reality of the UKs judicial system. The rights of the offenders seem to take precedence over the victims of crime and the majority of us are sick of it. Got a child, get out of jail card, ADHD get out of jail card etc etc. cause thousands of pounds of damage get a £150 fine with the victims of crime forced to pay.

          • I would like to see proof that what “Concerned” describes is “the reality of the UK’s judicial system”.

  2. i wonder if mr tasak entered england with enough money to buy a mercedes ? i think we all know the answer to that.

  3. RL , do you have problems reading ? did i actualy mention my home , or are you having a poor stab at satire ?

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