NHS consultants picket at QEQM Hospital at start of 48-hour strike action

Consultants demonstration at QEQM Hospital in July

Industrial action by British Medical Association (BMA) consultants and British Dental Association (BDA) is taking place from today (July 20) until Saturday (July 22).

Senior doctors, who are responsible for supervising junior doctors and other staff as well as seeing patients, are taking action on the heels of strikes by junior doctors.

Among those on the picket line are consultants demonstrating outside QEQM Hospital in Margate today.

Without supervision it may not be possible for some care delivered by junior doctors or other staff to take place safely.

Consultants have committed however to provide Christmas Day cover, meaning they will continue to provide all emergency services to ensure patients remain safe.

GP practices will continue to be open during the consultants strikes.

The Society of Radiographers has also announced that it will be holding 48 hours of strikes, from 8am on Tuesday 25 July to 8am on Thursday 27 July.

The industrial action is being taken in a dispute over pay.

The BMA said: “The Government’s derisory pay uplift of just under 6% is an insult to consultants.

“Our aim in taking industrial action is to fix consultant pay now and for retirement

“This should begin with an agreement to provide an above inflationary pay award for 2023-24.

“We have provided every opportunity to avert industrial action. It has become apparent that, so far, (the government) is unwilling to take the steps necessary to resolve this dispute.”

The BMA says the pay of consultants in England flatlined at just 14% growth in the 14 years to 2022/23.

The association adds: “In stark contrast, the average pay for the UK went up by around 48% in the same period and those in the professions such as such as law, accountancy, financial services, architects and engineering, enjoyed growth of nearly 80% in wages –  almost six times that of senior doctors.”

Use 111 online as the first port of call for health needs and only use 999 if it is a life-threatening emergency. Mental health crisis services can be accessed through normal routes.

The NHS will only reschedule appointments and procedures, where necessary, and will immediately re-book, where possible. Patients impacted by the strike action will be directly contacted. If you are not contacted, your appointment will take place as planned.


  1. As the bus on which I was travelling to work this morning passed them the thought, “Greedy little piggies!”, was the autonomic response to seeing them.

  2. There were more that arrived as the morning went on. They are all considering emigrating where their expertise is recognised & valued. They’re guaranteed a great lifestyle & work/life balance with glorious weather. If you had the qualifications why wouldn’t you?

    • £100000, plus ,not enough to live and have a good work/ home life .Something wrong there if they can’t.Don’t forget they do private work as well

      • How would you address the 150000 HCP vacancies in the NHS? What would you do to ensure 1000s of doctors every year didn’t take their vast knowledge and expertise abroad where they enjoy sunny weather and a decent salary?

  3. £100000+ a year not enough ,plus private work ,you live cloud cuckoo land,try living on minimum wage

  4. what a mess this country is in , thanks to this tory government , but thinking about it i expect these doctors and consultants are rank torys – or were ?

    • Well Real World, its due to the Tory’s that essential workers are having to withhold their labour, what other choice do they have if their pay has been cut by 26% over the last 13 years? Don’t blame the victims, that is what the Tory media want you to do!

      • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤔🤔
        “… victims.”🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
        The NHS is offering what the public services statutory body recommends. Has there been a 26% increase in productivity and profit, ‘cos that’s how the real economy works?🙄

        From a former published c servant who knows how unreal their expectations are.

  5. Sounds like they get a good wage. But may also take extra private work to top up their income.
    So, maybe the government are determined to keep their wages down so more of them take the private work. After all, the private health industry would collapse if they didn’t have all the underpaid NHS workers filling their posts.
    Maybe that explains the Tory determination to NOT pay even grossly-underpaid NHS staff a decent income. So they have to take extra hours of work keeping the private health industry going, for equally poor wages.

  6. Greedy porkers who want a bigger slice of the pie, £128;000 a year, but you can’t get to see them, and they wanr even more for doing less, so they can go on longer more expensive holidays.

  7. Seems like the NHS makes everyone unhappy.
    Patients have to wait to be seen, workers are not happy. Taxpayers foot the bill.
    Maybe a huge overhaul is necessary.
    Stop the free taxi service for drunks and druggies first. Stop paying for greedy management superstars. Avoid mega building projects. A hospital without the looks of a Dubai luxury airport terminal.
    When you really need (physical or mental) help you couldn’t care less. It’s the staff that helps you. From a clean room to the brain surgeon. Everyone is important.
    Not the artwork in the waiting areas.
    There is a lot of money available for grabs:
    You stab someone, you pay for all costs, from ambulance to revalidation.
    Your dog attacks someone: the same procedure.
    You’re dealing? You pay for treatment of all your victims. You can’t pay? Pity for your family. They can either help you or visit you in prison for a couple of more years.
    That would make people think before they pack their phone, knife and scales on a night out.
    No, too difficult to achieve. Let’s blame the government instead. Or go on strike. Strike because we feel insecure. Financially or physically. From nurse to train personnel. Let’s all blame the Tories together. That will help!

  8. The real reason you can not get a GP appointment is because our GPs do not work an entire week at the surgery, the private sector is too lucrative for them to resist.

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