Art4All exhibition and open studios event now open at Ramsgate’s Discovery Planet

Art4All exhibition in Ramsgate Photo Twinkle Troughton

Twelve local artists with a varied range of abilities and learning impairments are exhibiting their work in Ramsgate.

All the artists exhibiting are part of the Sandra Art4All Art Studio, which was established by Sandra Hampton in 2016 to provide a platform for aspiring artists with special needs. Sandra launched Art4All at her Acol home when she was made redundant as a result of the closure of the Royal School for Deaf Children in Margate.

The exhibition showcases a vibrant collection of drawings, paintings and photographs from artists with learning impairments including Autism, Charge Syndrome, Deaf and Cerebral Palsy.

Sandra has been collaborating with Xanthe Pitt and Nikki Hildesley who run the Discovery Planet based in Ramsgate town to facilitate the three-week event, which is possible thanks to Arts Council funding.

Sandra said: “It’s so beautiful what I see in the studio, people need to see how good the work is made by the artists from the Art4all studios. I just want to open people’s eyes to seeing art in a totally different way.

“I work with individuals with unique abilities who are a group of artists first and foremost, and I want to show off what they do. They are a really special group of people, and I want people to see their work beyond what takes place in the studio in my house.”

Photo Twinkle Troughton

Among those who will be demonstrating their artistic skills are five young artists who have been selected for the Portfolio Exhibition 2023 at the Turner Contemporary, Margate.

The exhibition is open now and runs to Sunday 30 July at Discovery Planet, High Street, Ramsgate. It is open to the public everyday Tuesday to Sunday, 11am-4pm, with an artist in residence Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays during this time.

Margate artist Twinkle Troughton is among those who will be in attendance.

Photo Twinkle Troughton

All of the artwork produced during the three-week event in Ramsgate will be a part of the Art4All annual summer Show taking place at The Margate School in Margate High Street from 17 August – 31 August.  Private View will be on Thursday 17 August 4pm -8pm.

All  funds from the pieces sold will be folded back into supporting the artists and the artists are paid a share of the profits.

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  1. Come and see the show! The work made by these artists is such a joy to behold. It’s vibrant and exciting. Everyone needs to see it!

  2. These artists are differently abled. Their work is absolutely fantastic, given the challenges faced by them. Sandra has given them a fantastic community to enjoy and help them enhance their schools. They’re lovely people too, really engaged and community spirited. Seeing them at work is, as Twinkle says, a joy.

  3. Wow. May I ask how old you are now? And when you’re going to learn to be kind to those less fortunate than yourself?

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