St Laurence Junior Academy pupils excel at Ramsgate Croquet Club

A trip to Ramsgate Croquet Club for St Laurence CE Junior Academy students

It was an afternoon filled with excitement and sportsmanship, as Year 6 students from St Laurence CE Junior Academy visited Ramsgate Croquet Club.

Under the guidance of their teachers, Mrs. Keeley and Miss Sig, the students enjoyed a relaxing and enjoyable afternoon of croquet. The activities were meticulously organised, ensuring that each child had the opportunity to fully engage in the game. The volunteers at the club were praised for their warmth, friendliness, and helpfulness, making the event even more memorable for the students.

Mrs. Keeley said: “What a fantastic afternoon it was! The children displayed remarkable behaviour and manners throughout. They truly represented our school in the best possible way, and I couldn’t be prouder of them.”

Laughter and cheers filled the air as the youngsters engaged in friendly competition, showcasing their strategic thinking and coordination.

Students and staff of St Laurence CE Junior Academy extend their gratitude to the individuals who generously volunteered their time to run the croquet sessions. Their dedication and passion for the sport were instrumental in creating a wonderful experience for the students.

A special thank you goes out to Mr. Gregory, the Chair of Governors at St Laurence, and the other members of the Croquet Club for extending the invitation to the school’s Year 6 students.

Croquet, a traditional and strategic lawn game, proved to be a perfect choice for the young students to develop valuable social and teamwork skills.