Explosions, stunts and crushing promised in Monsterslam at Quex

Monsterslam returns to Quex

The annual metal-mashing, caravan-crushing Monster Truck show – Monsterslam makes its return to Quex Park in Birchington on Sunday 23rd July.

Monster Trucks, Big Pete, The Grim Reaper, and Swamp Thing take centre stage as they demonstrate the raw power of the giant metal beasts by crushing cars, tearing them in two and jumping on exploding caravans!

Joining them in the arena are Squibb FMX who’ll be performing motorcycle flips, tricks and jumps over ramps – taking them 30ft into the air, and new for 2023 – Stuntworld International will be performing some breathtaking, quad-rolling, fire-jumping stunts that will wow the crowds too.

New Monster Truck ride, ‘Renegade’ will be offering visitors the chance to feel what it’s like to ride in the back of a real monster truck (height restrictions apply. Optional, chargeable activity)

There’ll be fairground rides for the big and little, giant inflatables face painting, cute, cuddlies, and creepy crawlies, plus another huge selection of freshly cooked street food, ice-creams, and a well-priced licensed bar.

Ticket prices and booking available at https://www.monsterslam.co.uk/tickets


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