St Laurence CE Junior Academy hosts Reading and Music Festival

Music and Reading Festival

St Laurence CE Junior Academy held its highly anticipated annual Reading and Music Festival on June 30.

The weather was a perfect blend of sunshine and cool breezes, providing an ideal atmosphere for students and teachers to gather and  enjoy of literature and melodic performances.

The festival commenced with an array of captivating readings. The audience was treated to the poetic talents of the school’s dedicated teachers, enthralling the crowd with their animated renditions of “The Boneyard Rap” by Wes Magee and “Strict” by Michael Rosen.

The musical segment of the event involved the entire school showcasing their musical prowess, with Mr. Bottle and Iestyn skilfully strumming their guitars to accompany the various acts.

Year 3 students took the stage, filling the air with the melodious tunes of Bob Marley, while year 6 students impressed everyone by showcasing their ukulele skills and performing a repertoire of lively songs.

Mrs Mountjoy, English lead at the academy, said: “This event is a wonderful celebration of our students’ talents and a testament to the power of literature and music in our school community. It’s heart-warming to witness our teachers and students come together to create such an engaging and memorable experience.”

The Reading and Music Festival not only provided an opportunity for students to showcase their creative abilities but also fostered an appreciation for the arts within the school community.