Police urge dog owners to be responsible for their pets following reports of ‘bites and attacks’

Dog owners are being reminded of their responsibilities

Police are reminding dog owners of their responsibilities following recent dog-related incidents in the county, including attacks in Garlinge, and a predicted rise in the summer months.

Historically, Kent Police has seen the highest number of reported incidents between May and August. In 2022 there were 98 reported in July, with just 44 in February the same year.

In May there were 124 reported incidents, including dog bites and dog-on-dog attacks, with 44 so far in June (up until 12 June).

Incidents being investigated

Inspector Ian Warner said: “Whilst the majority of people are responsible there is still a small minority who are not. Preventing anti-social behaviour and ensuring everyone remains safe is part of the force’s Safer Summer initiative.

“Earlier this month officers received a report that a dog had injured a child while in the owner’s garden in Charing.

“And another report was received that a dog was attacking other dogs in Margate. The dog was seized, two dogs were injured and one found deceased. Two people were also injured during the incident.

“Both of these incidents are being investigated and we will carry out a full and thorough investigation.

“They also serve as a timely reminder that dogs can be unpredictable when confronted with unexpected situations and incidents can lead to the harming of livestock too.”

Garlinge dog attacks

In Garlinge one pup suffered serious injuries to its leg after it was mauled. This was followed by a second attack by the same dog where a terrier was killed, another had injuries to its face, an owner suffered serious hand injuries and another person was bitten.

Victim, Nick Phillipowsky, and his wife Trish were sitting on a wall in Birds Avenue talking to neighbours when witnesses report an American Bulldog charged out of one of the properties and attacked the two Yorkshire Terriers.

Neighbour Anthony Giles said in the aftermath of the incident: “They were with their dogs, both Yorkshires are old and one had no teeth. They sat on the wall talking to a neighbour when the dog came flying across the road and grabbed Woody – one of the little dogs- ripping the skin and gum from his jaw. He has just come out of surgery and thankfully is doing ok.

“Nick then ended up on his back as he tried to get the bulldog off Bella. She was literally ripped in half.

“The attack was about eight minutes and then there were people trying to get the dog off of Nick. I arrived when it was all finishing. Nick was then in East Grinstead hospital having his hand reconstructed and it looks like he will lose at least one finger.

“It is the second attack by the same dog. (In May) it attacked an Alsatian pup badly breaking its leg.”

A fundraiser to help with vet bills for the pup Alfie and Woody has been set up. Find it here

Inspector Ian Warner  added: “Under Section 3 of the Dangerous Dogs Act a person in charge of a dog, and/or the owner, commits an offence if the victim fears that the dog’s actions will lead to them being injured, whether or not they actually are injured.

“This can be from a dog running up to a person, jumping up at them and causing fear or doing the same thing but then also causing an injury.

“It’s also important to ensure children in the home are safeguarded. As we have seen dogs can be unpredictable so should be closely supervised around children.

“We want everyone to ensure they take responsibility for their actions.”

You can find more information about dogs, and what constitutes a dangerous dog by visiting Controlling your dog in public: Overview – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

Terrier killed, another injured and owner in hospital with severe hand injuries following dog attack in Garlinge



  1. All dogs should be on a lead ,when ,out of the house, and maybe even muzzled,if a dog bites someone,it should be put down ,I know responsible for owners ,may not like it ,but because of a few,and it’s the few idiot owners ,this should happen

  2. More people should be prosecuted every time if their dogs cause any kind of injury to people. They should not be allowed in places where people are prevented enjoying a drink or a meal, while dogs are fighting each other, snarling and barking and the owners should be asked to remove them immediately if this happens. They should not be allowed anywhere near places where children play. No-one should have to put up with the presence of dogs which are badly controlled by their owners, which happens all to often these days, with the huge increase in dog ownership.

  3. i agree with the above , these dogs that bite people should be shot – no argument or waffle , BANG ! end of problem , and dont even start me off on the amount of dog sh*t everywhere you go , ban them from public parks and beaches all year round

  4. In addition to the fundraiser, Nick and Trish should consider a civil action against the dangerous dog’s owner for damages.

  5. These people think we all love dogs! well we don’t, some of us have a deep fear for them and don’t appreciate owners who can’t control them and let them jump up at you.
    Then they give you snotty comments when you ask them to control their animals!

    In public places paths then they should be on a tight lead end of.

    If they bite then they get put down!

    Plus make it harder for people to own an animal ffs.. seems at the moment you can buy anything and not be checked.

  6. I will repeat this for the benefit of others: A short while ago as I was returning home along Margate Road, Ramsgate from lunch on my mobility scooter I saw a man with a dog, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, ahead of me. As I approached him, the dog leapt up on to my shoulder nearly knocking me off the scooter, and its jaws were an inch from my face, and neck! The dogs owner managed to pull the dog off me, but had it managed to lock it jaws onto my face, or neck its unlikely I would be here today! But it goes to show even when a dog is on a lead it can still be highly dangerous. Last year it was reported 22,000 people had to be treated by the NHS for dog bite injuries!

    Secondly, if a dog attacks anyone else’s dog, necessitating veterinary treatment, then go to the police and insist they arrest the dogs owner for “Criminal Damage”. Your dog is your property, so if someone damages it, its a criminal offence! Don’t let the police put you off, and do not go to the RSPCA because they are not a branch of the police, and are a charity, not publicly accountable, or a Statutory Agency!

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