Terrier killed, another injured and owner in hospital with severe hand injuries following dog attack in Garlinge

Blood still stains the pavement after the horrific attack in Birds Avenue

Police officers are investigating an horrific dog attack in Garlinge where one pet was killed, another seriously injured and a man suffered injuries to his hand which may result in amputation of at least one finger.

The victim, Nick Phillipowsky, and his wife Trish were sitting on a wall in Birds Avenue talking to neighbours when witnesses report an American Bulldog charged out of one of the properties and attacked their two Yorkshire Terriers.

Neighbour Anthony Giles said: “They were with their dogs, both Yorkshires are old and one had no teeth. They sat on the wall talking to a neighbour when the dog came flying across the road and grabbed Woody – one of the little dogs- ripping the skin and gum from his jaw. He has just come out of surgery and thankfully is doing ok.

“Nick then ended up on his back as he tried to get the bulldog off Bella. She was literally ripped in half.

“The attack was about eight minutes and then there were people trying to get the dog off of Nick. I arrived when it was all finishing. Nick is now in East Grinstead hospital having his hand reconstructed and it looks like he will lose at least one finger.

“His wife is absolutely distraught. It is the second attack by the same dog. Last month it attacked an Alsatian pup badly breaking its leg.

“My wife Jo let’s our dogs out in the field behind us so it could have been her and she’d have been on her own.”

Laura Sullivan, from the Missing Dogs and Strays Thanet group, was also a witness to the attack.

She said: “The aftermath was truly devastating. Little Bella had no chance, she’s a little toothless terrier  and thank god that the owner and neighbour’s quick action with Woody meant less harm to him.

“This dog was the dog from the attack on Alfie the German Shepherd pup whose leg we still don’t know can be saved.

“The police have everyone’s details, CCTV has picked up the 8 minute attack  and for now our dogs in Garlinge are safe as the dog was taken under police advice via Dog Warden.”

Kent Police are appealing for CCTV or dashcam footage to help with the investigation.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 1.25pm on Tuesday 6 June  following a report that a dog was attacking other dogs in Birds Avenue, Garlinge, near Margate.

“Officers attended and the dog was seized. Two people were injured during the incident and a man was taken to a local hospital.

Two dogs were also injured, with one sadly found deceased at the scene and another taken to a vets.”

Enquiries into the incident are ongoing and anyone who witnessed what happened, or has CCTV or dashcam footage which may assist, should call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/100450/23.

A fundraiser to help with vet bills for the pup Alfie and Woody has been set up.

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  1. yes and i suppose kent police are making enquiries bla bla bla , get the dog and shoot it. job done – no excuses ! then put the owner in jail .

    • Real World, I have been investigating dog attacks for over 2 years (I am a former RSPCA Trustee), and discovered neither the police or the RSPCA will take action if someone reports a possible dangerous dog! The police will refer people to the RSPCA, when they should be be enforcing the law, according to the Animal Welfare Act 2006. The RSPCA are not a branch of the police, they are not a Statutory Agency, they are not publicly accountable, and have their own policies.

      I have a letter from the RSPCA stating they will only accept cases in an emergency if an animal is likely to die, they ignore all other reports, and are not legally obliged to take action on reports of possible dangerous dogs! I reported to the RSPCA a couple who are out on bail for killing their 3 month old son, who have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier that neighbours said they were ill treating, as it can be heard whining,crying, and barking in their back garden (they have since moved). They also have two other toddler children. It took an RSPCA Inspector nearly a month to get back to me, and even then I was referred to their national Central Office for the case to be given a priority!

      Its scandalous that the police will not investigate reports of a possible dangerous dog, and last year nearly 22,000 people were injured by dog attacks requiring NHS treatment, and some were killed! The police will only act AFTER an attack, but how many of the 22,000 could have been avoided had the police investigated reports of a dangerous dog prior to an attack? I have documentary evidence to confirm all of the above!

      • I have just seen another report that last year 1,700 children were hospitalised with injuries from dog attacks! I have a report from a Consultant Surgeon that says pre school children are the most likely to be attacked, because their heads are at the same height of dogs jaws! How many of these could have been saved had they first been reported to the police as possible dangerous dogs, and have been removed from the owners? Very few, the police would have referred concerned people to the RSPCA, a charity, which is not just wrong, its totally unacceptable! The RSPCA have no more ability to arrest an owner, or remove a dangerous dog than anyone else, and the police have no where to house a dangerous dog if it has been ceased!

        Over 30 years ago I argued with the then Home Secretary Michael Howard who was introducing the Dangerous Dogs Act NOT to identify the breed of a dog to be banned! My argument was that dogs should be graded by their size and weight, because that is what happens in nature! Its the heaviest, and strongest dog that wins. Its time this country paid the police to have expert domestic animal Inspectors able to cease potentially dangerous dogs, and house them, and to stop referring people to a charity that is not fit for public service!

        There are 5 basic needs in the Animal Welfare Act all dog, and animal owners should abide by to provide. 1) Somewhere suitable to live. 2) A proper diet, including fresh water (never give a cat milk, it will damage their stomachs) 3. The Ability to express normal behaviour. 4) The need to be housed with, or apart from other animals. 5. Protection from, and treatment of, illnesses and injury.

        It is vital all dogs are socialised from a young age, by taking them for at least a daily walk, and introducing them to other people, and other dogs! My guess is in this case the dog had never been socialised, and became feral, so when it escaped it attacked another dog that it saw as a threat!

  2. Presumably,the vermin “owner”of this wild beast will get away with it.Shocking incident.My sympathies for the innocent victims and their poor dogs.
    The owner should be put down,along with the killer he/she owns.

  3. Far too many idiots now days with dogs they shouldn’t have or can’t control. Think the time is coming for all dog owners to require a license as far too many attacks happening now days.

    Sick to death of owners who can’t control there dogs and have them off there leads when they clearly have no control over them. These are the same owners that let them crap everywhere and don’t pick up. It gives decent dog owners a bad name

    • How would having a dog licence have changed things? Human beings have driving licences, but they still run people over!

      • Because the licence would involve the owner signing a declaration. So when these thing happen they have already agreed to a set punishment for the dog and themselves. Is called being proactive and not reactive.

        Obviously you are one of the ones who thinks they are too entitled for that though I guess.

      • And imagine human beings didnt have driving licenses and how many more offenses there would be than there are now.

  4. What a terrible incident.

    There certainly need to be questions asked about how this dog was still allowed to be with its owner a month after it had already savaged another dog in an attack.

    • personally I feel its time to bring back dog licenses I feel for those who have got hurt or killed weather they are human or animals when I was little we had 2 Jack Russell and my Mon had to pay summing like 1 or 5 shillings bring back dog licences and if a dog bites 1 time it will bite again it is how they are brought up all dogs should be on a lead and not let off at any time make this law bring back dog licences. I hope the owner is sent to prison for a long time

    • Yes. The CPS need to prosecute this irresponsible dog owner. A dog has been killed, owner may lose his finger and his wife and remaining dog are traumatized!!!!

  5. All dogs should be on a lead and muzzled ,when outside of the house,and a dog that does what this dog did,should be destroyed,once a dog tastes blood ,it will do it again ,any dog can turn ,make no mistake,and I have had dogs all my life

  6. This dog should of been put to sleep the 1st time it attacked. Not handed back to do what has now happened. No good saying sorry now .

  7. most of the dogs these people have are to create an image , and to frighten people intentionaly. and usualy called tyson or some other naff name

  8. Put the moronic owner and the dog down. The police should have shot the dog on sight. Condolences to the innocent owners.

  9. I agree the dog should have not gone back to the owner after the first attack, but this was the first time said dog had attacked another dog and they might have thought it wont do it again. Unfortunately it has happened again and Unfortunately a dog has died, also luckly the other dog has survived. Yes I agree the dog should be put down but nit by shooting it, it should be humanly pts. The owner should be charged and also banned for life having any other animal. The owner should pay for both dogs treatments at their vets and possible do time for these offences.

    • Odd that ypu make no reference for the person that’s in hospital and may lose a finger, is a dog more important than a human? Nothing wrong with shooting an animal, much faster , cheaper and instant if shot well.

    • I imagine the vets bill will run into a few thousand pounds. As the Terrier that survived had to have surgery to his face, as apparently the attack caused him to lose part of his lip inside and out.

  10. I am a dog owner, i would not let my dog go up to anyone, incase they are scared of dogs. I would not let my dog off the lead if i cant call it back instantly. My dog is a young dog lively dog.. he could get himself in trouble if left to run wild on our walks. There are far too many dog owners with no idea and far too many dangerous powerful dogs. We need the law to work to keep everyone safe. We need our dog wardens working with police.. to stop incidents from happening.
    We all can see the idiots and the dangerous type of dogs.

  11. The owner of the dog which has tasted blood knew the dog given a chance to bolts out the door to attack as this story and the puppy which was attacked a month ago was the same it charges out the house, the owner is not suitable to have dogs that is clear, two dogs seriously injured a human also seriously injured having plastic surgery to save as much of his hand as possible also how much use will he have in his hand, it seems likely to me the owner of the the dog has done criminal negligence it seems the dog still has wolf in it as all dogs descend from the Wolf.

  12. The police are pathetic. 8 minutes of CCTV and they are appealing for witnesses. Clearly the owners should be prosecuted and the savage mutt euthenised.

    • True, Peter. Trouble is, we have a police ‘service’ when what we really need is a police FORCE! And there are some wide-eyed naive types on here who believe the police will always get involved with reports of wrongdoing.

  13. The owner of the dog is a low life, ignorant scumbag. Apparently this is not the first time his dog has caused harm to another dog. An Alsatian lost his leg about 10 days prior, due to this attack from the same dog. The little terrier died in its owners arms, and his friend managed to get the other little Terrier to safety and into a neighbours house, otherwise 2 little pooches would have lost their lives. And all because of an irresponsible dog owner. We must never blame the dogs – WE MUST BLAME THE OWNERS. The man that was attacked in the gutter is a cancer survivor and is purportedly undergoing weekly cancer treatment at a London Hospital. His lady friend managed to get the dogs little sister into a house and to safety. God knows how they’re managing now, it has to be so stressful for them and their other little Terrier.

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