Getting to know you school starter sessions at Ramsgate’s Little Seaside Town

Sessions for little ones starting school this year

Little ones who will start school this year and their parents are being invited to ‘Getting to know you’ sessions at Little Seaside Town in Ramsgate.

The family-run business ran the sessions last year and they [roved so popular that they are repeating them this year.

Jade Harris, who runs the venue with sister Leonie and mum Tracy, said: “The idea is for parents and children to meet and make links before the school year begins.

“Many of the local schools have got behind us in support of our sessions. My daughter was a school starter last September at Minster Church of England. She came along and it was hugely helpful for her meeting new friends. I was also able to meet some parents to and exchange school starting conversations.

“The sessions began this Monday and will go on through July and possibly into August.

“we have now had two successful years of working in collaboration with local schools early years providing school trips for reception aged children. Schools include St Nicholas at Wade, Newington, Hadden Dene Ellington and Garlinge nursery and a few Dover nurseries and schools.”

There are around 35 people per session with between 17-20 children.

The cost of the session is standard rate, £8 per child ticket and £2 per adult ticket.

To find out the days allocated for schools go the Little Seaside Town facebook page here

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  1. little seaside town , a strange choice of name ? its not what i and many others call ramsgate.

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