New Sunday project in Margate with speakers, music and a free breakfast

Union Church (image google)

By Jodie Nesling

A new scheme featuring speakers, music and a free breakfast is launching at Union Church in Margate tomorrow (June 25).

Food for Thought aims to celebrate Margate’s vibrant community and speakers will cover subjects ranging from fine art to folk music while touching on issues of faith and spirituality.

Discussion and engagement is encouraged and organisers invite people of all ages and faiths and say they would like to welcome “atheists, creatives, our LGBTQIA+ community and people with a range of political views.”

The monthly event starts this Sunday at 10.30am with celebrated contemporary Christian artist and speaker Iain Mckillop.

Work by Iain Mckillop.

Iain, who has created and exhibited artworks all over the UK including a commission for Guildford Cathedral, will present, Imaging the Invisible Capturing Spirituality in Art.

Christopher Butler, project leader and co-owner of popular Cliftonville Folk venue Rosslyn Court, said: “We strongly believe that faith is often the inspiration for trying to live caringly and in a community-minded way and does not require people to shun science or discriminate against those with different beliefs, sexuality or life choices.”

Andrew Ogden, who is co-leading the project, added: “We already have a community of clubs and groups at Union Church including the Social Singing Choir, Tai Chi, badminton and chess clubs, Thanet Parkinson’s Group, and Girl Guides.

“Food for Thought will add to this socially friendly tradition we hope as a catalyst for unity and inclusivity. It will also be great fun on a Sunday morning, and we cannot wait to welcome you all.”

Breakfast is included and there will be vegan and vegetarian options.

Union Church is in Union Crescent, Margate


Email: [email protected]

Socials: Facebook/foodforthoughtmargate   Insta @foodforthoughtmargate

Union Church is a member of Inclusive Church


    • I totally agree. Why is there always a list of different groups.
      The church has always been for ALL, with no need to list groups, I just don’t understand it.

    • I guess it’s a more positive way of promoting inclusion, rather than excitably saying that racists, homophobics, transphobics, abelists and misogynists are welcome.

  1. I don’t understand what James Gibbons means by “Why is there always a list of different groups”.

      • What’s wrong with that? A lot of religious types are very bigoted about various sexual preferences so I should think many people would like to know what a church congregation’s opinions on such things are before they go there.

  2. It sounds very interesting I may go to the next one is that the 3rd Sunday of the month or different weeks? Wheelchair accessible? As I see steps.

    • Hi Chris, there is a slope up to the main door furthest away in the picture, also level access to the lower/ground floor (at the bottom of Pump Lane) and a lift inside the main door (but not suitable for wheelchairs).Cheers!

      • Hi Steve thanks for the information yes remember now used to catch bus there when I was able to walk with aid of crutches, didn’t know about lift but would not be able to use anyway, cheers Big Chris

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