Man arrested following early morning disturbance at Ramsgate seafront

Police were called to a disturbance early this morning

A man has been arrested after police were called to a disturbance in Ramsgate in the early hours of this morning (June 24).

A resident said trouble kicked off just after 4am with the outbreak of a fight in Harbour Parade.

They said: “People were being thrown to the ground and into cars, shouting, screaming. It was completely out of control and seemed to keep escalating.

“We called the police but they didn’t come until 4:25am. When they did finally arrive people dispersed immediately and the crowd was suddenly gone.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to a disturbance in Harbour Parade, Ramsgate, at around 4am on Saturday 24 June.

“A 28-year-old man from Margate was arrested on suspicion of public order and possession of class A drugs. He remains in police custody.”

The resident suggests incidents related to the night-time economy could be controlled by police being visible at venue closing times.

They added: “They told us they didn’t have resources to patrol the area. Maybe they should reassess how they allocate their budget.”

Last month at a meeting organised by Cllr Raushan Ara with Ramsgate traders and licensees, Thanet District Commander Ian Swallow said Ramsgate town, along with Margate Central and Cliftonville “are priority areas in terms of deploying troops and getting officers on the ground.”

A bid for county resources was made in May, bringing extra police officers into Thanet, and those resources will continue to be used throughout the summer. A new policing model which came into effect this month also includes an additional neighbourhood task force for the isle.


  1. The bars & pubs kick out at 3am? in Ramsgate that’s called high risk of any possible trouble and yet it took the Police 25mins to respond?
    Poor old Kent Police have bit the dust due to all the cut-backs imposed on them for over 13 years of Tory power – all the Tories do is promise this and that but you never see any in action.
    So one person arrested? why? No CCTV footage to follow up and make more?

  2. The police were probably knackered from a day of taking the knee or making sure stop oil protesters were OK.

  3. There are some posters on here that have serious problems.
    If people make a credible point, even if I don’t agree with it, I might respond, especially if I think I’ve got a useful contribution to make.
    But it’s rather obvious that there are some who crave attention. Having nothing useful to say, they post the most outrageous stuff, hoping to provoke a response.

    Apropos nothing at all, there used to be a regular poster on here, a self-styled “author” and “minor local celebrity”.
    I haven’t had to endure his ramblings too much recently.

      • Maybe the bars also have a responsibility to the local residents, and if the problem persists the council, police and courts, have the power to revoke their licence.

        • That starts to fall into the “ you always see firemen at fires “ style of argument or we should get rid of social housing as it has more crime associated to it. When in reality we need to concentrate on those actually commit offences and not look to take easy options.

      • Reply to “*” Checksfield. You tell me if “most Welsh peeps sing”. Do most English “peeps” sing? What about most Kenyan “peeps”? Most Albanian”peeps”? Most Canadian “peeps”? You’re the music expert so you should know.

        • But anyway Checksfield, leave out the snidey comments regarding “the Welsh”. Why do you not pick on other nationalities in your comments? Perhaps there is no such thing as anti Welsh racism? Perhaps Checksfield thinks it’s only racism when it involves people who aren’t Welsh?

  4. Surely the pubs/clubs down there should have doormen better equipped for trouble.

    Too much drugs being passed around with a couple of pubs that seem to turn a blind eye to it.

    If its always around the same area then put a curfew in place.

    • I agree.
      The problem is associated with early hours drinking at various establishments in town. As part of the licencing agreement, these places should have to contribute to private security personnel in town, for at least an hour after chucking out time.

      • Great idea. Pooling resources for crowd control seems so obvious. Surely the council is looking into that — does anyone know?

      • Late 80’s early 90’s there were vastly more people taking part in the night time economy across thanet and there was far less trouble, so the problem isn’t really one of the premises but those using them. Plus the businesses pay taxes and the customers come from homes where council tax will be paid , so they’ve all contributed to paying for the police. Why are they to pay more? And if they are is it to extended to all areas in society where one group/sector uses a disproportionate amount of resources?

  5. Yeah get the already struggling pubs & clubs to pay for policing the streets too.
    They already have to pay door staff if they have a late licence and with energy prices going trough the roof in would close them.
    Would Boots supply a Doctor to walk you home if they sold you strong cold remedy like ‘Night Nurse’ I doubt it?
    They all know they can kick off when they come out the pub and not a policeman to be seen – hence they all dispersed as soon as one arrived.
    Good CCTV coverage is the only cost affective answer.

  6. The so called “Night time economy” is the potential flash point, in some areas the police sit and wait for a call then drive very slowly hoping they won’t be the only ones to arrive on scene when they TA ( time arrived) on the other hand the police “fly the flag” meaning park up and be seen BEFORE trouble starts.

  7. Silver lining, no one got stabbed. Apart from one poor sod who is in the nick they probably all got home and had something exciting to talk about. There’s so much corruption this really is a trivial part of society.

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