Three people arrested and 400 cannabis plants seized at Broadstairs property

Cannabis plants found at a property in Broadstairs

Three people have been arrested and more than 400 cannabis plants subsequently seized at a Broadstairs property after police stopped a van on the Thanet Way on Friday (June 16).

Thanet Neighbourhood Beat officers were on patrol when they saw and stopped a van which was travelling near St Nicholas-at-Wade.

A report had been made to Kent Police earlier that morning suggesting the vehicle might be connected to drug-dealing activity in Broadstairs.

Equipment suspected to be used for the growing of cannabis was recovered from the van and a 28-year-old man from north London was arrested on suspicion of being concerned in supplying a controlled drug.

A further search at a property in Salisbury Avenue in Broadstairs uncovered a large cannabis cultivation which was spread across four rooms. Around 400 plants were seized by officers at the address.

A further two men, aged 26 and 25, were arrested at the scene on suspicion of supplying a controlled drug and cultivating cannabis.

All three men have been released on bail pending further enquiries.


  1. Marvelous news the police doing what their paid for.

    Pity they can’t be more proactive with all those people who insist on ostentatiously, puffing on the produce of such enterprises throughout Margate and stinking up the town.

    I wonder if the local cops ever venture out of their base, they’d almost certainly pick up the sink of cannabis by they time reached the harbour arm, less than a minute from their front door.

    • We have a drug dealer who openly deals drugs outside daytime at Duke Street in Margate outside our flat . .

  2. I thought this showed enterprise, and trust the police to ruin it! Isn’t it part of the Tory mantra, to encourage growth

  3. Every day I see young boys out on their bikes in the hottest weather wearing puffer jackets and hoods or hats. I watch them dealing in drugs. If I see it why aren’t the police. They’re doing it with impunity. I have challenged them.

  4. About time they just legalised it – the cost of all this perusing and charging everyone involved must be enormous – The Government could tax it to the hilt and make £Millions to use to clamp down on the big dealers pushing the life destroying stuff like Coke, Crack and Heroin
    Come-on who hasn’t tried a joint sometime in their life?
    You can buy CBD oil a chemical substance found in cannabis that has medical benefits anywhere these days.

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