New Rise Up Residency street art mural on Margate building

The mural by Scotty Brave shows marine biologist Amanda Vincent Photo Frank Leppard

A new ‘Rise Up Residency’ mural has been created in Margate.

The painting by artist Scotty Brave is on a building at Grosvenor Place and depicts Canadian marine biologist Amanda Vincent.

The Rise Up Residency murals were painted last year between September and October by 16 artists at sites across the town. Scotty had been due to take part but his work was delayed due to a back injury.

Photo Frank Leppard

The residency was a bid to raise awareness of ocean conservation and the issues caused by plastic in and around our coastline.

The project was spearheaded by Rise Up Clean Up and Margate-based, internationally-acclaimed artist Louis Masai.

Scotty’s mural stays with the conservation theme. Amanda Vincent is one of the world’s leading experts on seahorses and their relatives.

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She holds the chair of the IUCN SSC Seahorse, Pipefish and Seadragon Specialist Group and is the marine representative on the IUCN’s International Red List Committee as well as being the chair of its Marine Conservation Committee.

Photo Frank Leppard

She co-founded and directs Project Seahorse, an organisation committed to conservation and sustainable use of the world’s coastal marine ecosystems. In 2020 she became the first marine conservationist to win the world’s leading prize for animal conservation, the Indianapolis Prize.

Louis Masai says there will be projects each year, of differing scales and themes which will “grow organically.”

Find out more about Scotty’s work on the Brave Arts website here

Photos: Rise Up Residency artists at work across Margate


    • If you find these a distraction then I’m genuinely concerned about your ability to drive. There are lots of images around such as advertising billboards and shopfronts that are equally prominent. If you are so easily distracted then I recommend you surrender your licence and get a professional assessment

    • you shouldn’t be on the road. Its not the murals fault you can’t pay proper due care and attention.

  1. All these murals are brilliant – beautiful artworks that raise important issues. I’m sure some people won’t like them but maybe they should just keep quiet and let us appreciate the things that bring us joy.

    • This “mural” ? the style is not to my liking, however I do have an opinion Mr Spencer.

    • Those who don’t like something should keep quiet? Then maybe you need to take your own advice and stop criticising the critics.

      As to my own thoughts on the mural, I’ve no strong views either way (though I’m glad I don’t live opposite it).

  2. I lived in that house, which incidentally is in the High Street, not Grosvenor Place, from 1970 until 73, a d my parents were there until the end of 1990! This makes a cha ge from the usual graffiti!

    • “David Spencer you don’t need to concern yourself with my safety. Its my opinion so get over yourself.”

      Is this supposed to be unintentionally, ironically funny?

    • It’s not your safety that I’m primarily concerned about. I’m more concerned about the safety of other road users. Safety is not a matter of opinion. If you’re having difficulty focussing when driving then this might be a symptom of something more serious and you should get it checked out.

  3. To be honest, I’m not a fan. The art work on the portrait is good, but the different colour swaths and disjointed presentation doesn’t make sense… maybe it makes a difference if on a high…something I know nothing about. Also, if I hadn’t read the write up, I’d be thinking ‘ who the hells that and why ?’ not knowing whether it was a male or female, nor anything about the achievements they’d made !

  4. I know the artist,knows about who is the painting is about, and obviously, the person ,who is the portrayed,but looking at it, it is ,just a mural ,who frankly ,most people passing it ,would have no idea,what or who it is

  5. I always think art, and music like food, are a question of taste. Why would someone force someone to eat something, or listen to music they detest? The same applies here, and I wonder if Planning Permission was obtained? These wall daubing’s could devalue nearby property! I know I would object if the same appeared in my road!

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