Council shuts Ramsgate’s West Pier due to ‘anti-social’ behaviour and “tombstoning by youths”

Closure of the West Pier

Thanet council is closing part of the West Pier in Ramsgate Harbour from today (Friday 16 June) due to “anti-social and potentially criminal behaviour” in the area.

The council says groups of youths have been responsible for intimidating and dangerous behaviour and have been tombstoning – jumping into the sea from the East and West Piers close to moving vessels – putting their safety at risk.

There will be no impact on marina customers as the closure is beyond the marina access point on the pier, near to the Lighthouse.

A Thanet council statement says: “The closure of this part of the West Pier will be reviewed regularly but may remain in place until early September.

“There are no plans to close the East Pier in Ramsgate. Seasonal security staff will be deployed at the East Pier during the day throughout the summer season to talk to anyone behaving in an anti-social manner, and to educate members of the public on the risks to personal safety of tombstoning.

“Pedestrians will be permitted access to the East Pier, but larger groups may be restricted.

“Members of the public are advised that swimming is not permitted in Ramsgate Harbour and that tombstoning in any location is extremely dangerous.”


  1. what ever happened to the local police force ? we dont need them anymore – we have speed cameras .

    • The local police force has seen an increase in numbers. This can be seen in the increase of police cars in the local area.

      Not too sure what your twaddle about speed cameras is all about though, as it has zero contextual relevance.

    • We don’t have a police force anymore. We have a police ‘service’. Something entirely different.

  2. Tough of the rest of society that want to go there and enjoy the views, sot on the benches, etc?
    Why make the rest of us suffer because of a minority, as usual?

  3. Most likely Feral youths bred by unemployed slacker parents. The reality is that the vast majority of feral youths are from the council estates (sorry, but the the truth often hurts). It’s time to start taking benefits away from the parents who can’t control their feral kids. If it starts costing them financially , the slackers will soon start caring about what their feral kids are up to.

    • 🤦🏼‍♂️ it has nothing to do with the fact parents aren’t allowed to discipline their children anymore. And personally I don’t think it’s only ‘ferral council estate kuds’ that cause all the trouble it’s jumped up little buggers that think they can do as they please because daddy has his own company and may possibly own his own house if he continues to remain in debt for the majority of his life to please his gold digging wife, that also has to work to hire purchase that nice car in the drive and have a large range of handbags.

    • “most likely” aka you don’t know and are just signalling your bigoted “virtues”. Your post is literally nothing but classist bigotry mate.

      • Anon, yes, it is most likely, and since when has telling the truth been bigoted ? Just because the truth hurts doesn’t make it less true. As for calling me classist, you couldn’t be further from the truth, but you have made me laugh so well done.

    • the group of kids that hang around sainsburys kicking lift doors as they close when people get in them, skateboarding around the car park of and the car park causing trouble are not from a council estate they are from dare I say it home owning families so What out of interest would you call them?

      • Just curious, Are you implying the new estates at Westwood cross ? You might be interested to know that there is a lot of social housing on the new estates managed by Orbit housing on behalf of Lambeth Council.

  4. Sunak said he was going to “clamp down” on antisocial behaviour
    or was he telling lies. The kids should be arrested and sent to yob detention centres. That’s what clamping down means.

    • I was sent to a detention centre in the was hard if you did something wrong you were hit very hard. The kids of today need this kind of discipline then maybe they would think twice about unruly behaviour.

  5. Oi concerned that’s abit out of order , its just kids injoying the sun and sea , it’s free , I’ve lived in thanet all my life and people of all ages have been jumping into the sea , you tell me where kids can learn to dive and do qymnastics into water around here , well they can’t because our naff councils shut them down left the old marina to fall apart and turned that into a carpark that knowone uses because there’s nothing to see or do on Ramsgate. This council does not cater for kids or teenagers.

    • But the world has changed, remember the fuss made about the “dangerous deep water” by the slipway in margate and the calls by some for tdc to do something about it. In the days of old anyone getting hurt doing something stupid would have been told they were daft and knew better, these days it’ll always be someones fault and so the council has to err on the safe side.

      • We live in a world of punitive damages.
        Were one of these children to throw themselves into the harbour, and come to harm, then as sure as eggs are eggs, a perent would sue the Council for negligence. The Council would then have to mount an expensive defence, or to settle out of court.
        So an option (probably the pragmatic one) is to close the pier and put up warning signs.

    • British tax payer. I was generalising. The truth is that the vast majority of anti social behaviour, general crime and violence are committed by the minority who live in our council estates. Lots you of parents in these estates keep breeding more feral kids with no chance of providing for them and take zero responsibility for their kids behaviour and lawlessness.
      If the work shy, selfish , pathetic excuses for parents had to pay financially for their delinquent feral offspring they would soon learn to be better parents. The law abiding tax payer is sick of paying for the upkeep of the ferals and their slacker parents.
      Yes, there are many decent working parents in the council estates doing their best to bring their children up the correct way, but equally there are also a lot more that don’t.

      • Oh codswallop. The vast majority of anti social behaviour, general crime and violence are committed by so called ‘Captains of Industry’ who pollute our rivers and seas, deny climate change, and lie and cheat to make even more money. Do grow up.

        • I’m failing to see where or even how climate change and anti social behaviour is apparently linked.

        • Concerned, I think you’ll find that snotty little rich kids who’s parents spoil them with everything they want are more troublesom than most others because they feel that they should do what they want when they want and how they want and have no respect , clearly have Conservative parents , just like Boris thinks he’s above the law .

          • Your right if boris lived down here when he was younger he would be tombstoning and make up excuses that he didnt do it. It’s an etonian thing.

          • Pretty much All the young feral kids that blight Ramsgate and Margate smoking their weed, dealing their drugs, drinking alcohol, threatening innocent passers-by, throwing their rubbish on the streets, treating the streets as a toilet and shoplifting from the stores are from the local council estates and tower blocks. You might not want to believe it but it’s true.

            Generation after generation of benefit Britains who get everything for free have shown their kids that they are entitled to everything without paying for it while the rest of us have to work hard and save for everything we own.

            I am not implying that everyone on benefits is a slacker but there is undeniably a large percentage that contribute nothing to society and only take from the system while the rest of us who work hard have to pay for for them.

            Feral kids are blighting the UK. It’s time for people to stop making excuses for the ferals and to clamp down on them and their parents who clearly aren’t fit to parent. Unfortunately these ferals are already breeding more feral kids that they won’t be able to pay for and expect the rest of us to pay for.

      • If it weren’t for Thatcher introducing the right- to -buy and no government since then rescinding it, council estates would still be what they were before the right-to-buy- i.e. a good mixture of people, most of whom were in work and law-abiding.

        • Concerned, your rant about feral kids sounds like a very accurate description of Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees Mogg and all the other trash that have taken our money, blighted our lives and royally f+=@ed over our country. A few feral kids can’t hold a candle to these chances.

    • “left the old marina to fall apart and turned that into a carpark that knowone uses because there’s nothing to see or do on Ramsgate.”

      I mean, this is absolute bs of the highest order. You only need to go to Ramsgate on a sunny day to see you’re talking absolute bollocks.

  6. Oh do get over yourselves. A bunch of kids having fun. Tombstoning? We used to call it ‘jumping off the pier’. So it’s OK when yachties do it during Ramsgate Week, but not when it’s kids.
    I was walking down East Pier yesterday, a bunch of kids sunning and swimming, when a police car turned up because ‘a member of the public had complained’ and moved them all. What they should have done was arrest the member of the public for wasting police time.
    Where has the British sense of decency and fair play gone? Spaffed up the wall by liars like Johnson.

  7. I spent many happy days as a kid jumping into the harbour. It was a lot dirtier and smellier back in the 1970s too. It’s the parents’ job to ensure the safety of their children. Not the Council’s. Leave them be. I fail to see how they are endangering boats. They might make a mark on the deck, but a quick hose down would solve that.

    • “I fail to see how they are endangering boats.”

      ITs more about the kids and the lack of safeguarding, big man.

      You ever seen the damage even a small outboard prop can to do a humans legs?

  8. Growing up in Hastings, we were in the Sea from toddlers, and jumping off and swimming round the Pier was ‘right of passage’ usually between the ages of 11 and 14.. and , yes, I did!Then some idiot devised elf and safety, and everything changed. I chuckle whenever I read about ‘wild swimming; hpw daft to use that as a description of we Island dwellers have done for thousands of years! It can’t be much fun being young in 2023.

  9. Just kids having some fun. Personally I don’t get intimidated by that, I just kind a smile about it and think ‘enjoy yourselves’ 🙂 Let’s hope we don’t get a rerun of when they posted a minimum-wage jobsworth in a makeshift checkpoint booth on one of the harbour arms a few years back. What was it … no unaccompanied under 18 year olds were allowed on the pier arm. So, let’s say a young Mum, 17, with their kid in a pram, technically wouldn’t have been allowed to take a walk along there. What a total joke.

  10. Isn’t it the harbourmaster’s job (and staff) to oversee this problem? I thought they were responsible for the safety of all harbour users?

  11. Snowflake having nothing better to do with themselves. We was jumping off the pier in the 70s can’t recall anyone getting hurt .. we would swim across to the inner and swim through the arches into the inner.. sunbathe on the boat jettie.. .. these days to many people making up ridiculous rules . .. but to be honest that’s the world we live in now .. can’t imagine the out come these days if you went rat shooting . Helicopters . Armed response! .. heard something similar happen to a boy coming fishing ..

  12. Will all you carefree neoliberals indemnify TDC? If a child hurts itself jumping off the pier, then law suits will follow.
    It would be great if you lot would stump up the cash, saving taxpayers’ tens of thousands of pounds.

  13. I expect some of the peoples comments on here will change drastically if someone ends up with life changing injuries, of even death.

    • I remember that when a dog got (literally) into deep water in Margate there was a huge outpouring of anger directed at TDC. The Council out to put up better railings, fill in the deep bit, drain the ocean. ..

  14. Rather than spoil the enjoyment of the majority by closing the pier, just put up large signs advising of the dangers and warning anyone jumping into the sea that they do so at their own risk and neither Ramsgate Harbour nor TDC takes any responsibility for any injuries caused.

    • Ditto that Jane, but two children drowned recently, was it in Bournemouth, next to the pier, and they weren’t “tombstoning”. There has to be an element of responsibility here, put up signs by all means, releasing TDC from responsibility if someone injures themselves after jumping from the pier!

  15. If the people in power were genuinely concerned about our safety then there would at least three zebra crossings between Grange Road and the harbour

    • There is three crossing. One on Grange Road near Londis, one on Queen St at Waitrose and another crossing infront of the Royal…Not to mention you can walk direct down Ellington Park Ave and reach the crossing infront of the Royal with speed and ease.

  16. My father grew up here in the 1930s. Tombstoning was going on then so it is nothing new. I think these young men should be arrested and questioned at the very least. I would make them do some sort of community service or train them as lifeguards.

    • Arrested for what crime, exactly? And given the rates of DA, sexual assault county line drug/knife crime around here, do you really think that is wise use of police resources and ultimately, your tax money?

  17. this is the equivalent of fencing off all pavements cos a few people cycle on them. it’s ridiculous. open the pier and put signs up. if people want to break the rules, that’s their choice and they can experience the consequences.

  18. Ramsgate lover, your hatred for the Conservative party is consuming you. I genuinely feel sorry for you, my medical opinion is that you require help and the sooner the better. Rather than fixating on a political party perhaps you could tunnel your hatred to the real people ruining our communities, aka the feral out of control scum and their waster parents.

    Contrary to your very misguided opinion, It’s not the Conservative Party selling drugs on Thanet’s street corners, stabbing people after a night out, spraying graffiti on people’s houses, burgling people’s houses and blighting our communities with anti social behaviour and out of control drug selling and usage, It’s the feral kids and poorly educated parents that are responsible. Get a life dude.

    • Purchased an ‘Ouse on classy gated estate -now able to give medical advice .Aghast, neighbours children are feral , party poppers , drugs and graffiti- that just the adults

  19. Doesn’t matter who the parents are or where they come from they should be named and shamed or even locked up for the crimes their kids do. That includes the endless supply of single parent.

  20. Oh just put a sign up saying “Jumping off here could result in serious injury or death, but it’s your decision”
    Job done, problem solved!

  21. Right got this far, so here it comes. My road has 84 houses in it, and apart from about a dozen are all owner occupied! We have had no end of trouble from largely tenants, from drug dealing (It took me and a police inspector 8 months to clear them out!) Littering, for some reason Velcro seems to baffle them, so they put their rubbish bags out too early, and fail to fix the lids! One thing that is a common denominator is, they are all single mothers on benefits! One has 3 children from 3 different fathers! At the moment the kids are young, and its doubtful I will be around when they hit their teens and go “tombstoning” off the pier, but I would encourage them too! There was a couple until a few months ago who have since been moved, who battered their 3 month old baby, and killed it! They have been arrested, and are out on bail.

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