New boardwalk being installed for better pedestrian and disability access to Viking Bay

Viking Bay By Swift Aerial Photography

A new wooden boardwalk is being installed to improve access to Viking Bay from Broadstairs Harbour car park.

The project is being funded by Broadstairs Town Council and the installation is being managed by Thanet District Council officers.

The boardwalk will be wider than the existing installation to allow pedestrians to pass each other and for better access for people with disabilities. It is expected to be completed by the end of this month.

Cllr Steve Albon, Cabinet Member for Cleansing and Coastal Services, said: “It is important to us that our beaches are accessible to as many people as possible. This upgraded boardwalk is a very welcome addition to Viking Bay, and will mean that many more residents and visitors can enjoy time on the sand.”

A spokesperson from Broadstairs and St Peter’s Town Council said: “Improved accessibility in Broadstairs and St Peter’s, especially at Viking Bay, has been a priority of the Town Council for some time. We are delighted to be able to bring the first project to fruition by means of partnership working with Thanet District Council.”

Southern Water has given £25,000  for the work, in recognition of water quality issues experienced in the district.

In addition, Beach within Reach – a scheme operated by Your Leisure that has specially designed all-terrain wheelchairs – will be available at Minnis Bay, Birchington; St Mildred’s Bay, Westgate; Westbrook Bay, Margate; Stone Bay and Viking Bay in Broadstairs.

For more information on Beach within Reach, email [email protected] or call 03333 660661.

Five isle projects to be funded with £100k Southern Water ‘compensation’ payment


  1. Just need to get the lift open again ! It’s awaiting a safety test according to the sign on the gate .

      • That’s because this project, for once, is in Broadstairs.
        We don’t get £22 million plus of government money like Ramsgate and Margate.

        Thi money is a share of £100,000 from Southern Water. Ramsgate got the lions share of this too.

        From the TDC website
        ‘A decision has now been made about how a payment of £100,000 from Southern Water, received in recognition of water quality issues experienced in the district, could be allocated.

        The proposed projects and allocated amounts are as follows:

        Ramsgate lift restoration – £50,000 grant to Ramsgate Town Council
        Disabled beach access at Viking Bay – £25,000
        Tidal pool repairs at Minnis Bay – £14,500
        Iron gate for Margate Clock Tower – £500
        Coastal shelter improvements at Westbrook and Palm Bay – £10,000’

    • I don’t know what a boardwalk at Ramsgate would add to disabled access.
      There’s already a Promenade that runs from Pier Yard carpark, past the toilets and Spoons, along to the tunnels and beyond, with several access rails from the Prom down to the sand.
      Some fat tyred wheelchair things to borrow would be good.

    • well perhaps if you all put your money into a project like this instead of trying to stop the airport you to might get more people on the beach with better access.

  2. Why ? Ramsgate’s main beach can be reached by bus from Wellington Crescent, and Wellington Crescent can be reached by bus from the stop opposite the harbour. There is a flat esplanade along the seafront from the harbour to Winterstoke . As for the Westcliff lifts, one is now privately owned.

    • A good point, Ms Rees.
      The Loop bus serves both Wellington Crescent, runs daily and frequently, and uses accessible low floor buses with wheelchair spaces.
      Even better, disabled people are entitled to a free bus pass.

  3. And when is the popular Margate main sands getting it’s boardwalk so the disabled can access the beach? Not heard anything on this yet !

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