Five isle projects to be funded with £100k Southern Water ‘compensation’ payment

Southern Water discharges affected Thanet beaches Photo John Horton

A payment of £100,000 from Southern Water to Thanet council in compensation for wastewater releases that closed isle beaches in June 2021 has now been allocated to projects across the isle.

Council leader Ash Ashbee approved the funding schemes this month.

She said: “It’s very good news for the district. This funding will make a noticeable difference to a number of projects that we would otherwise have struggled to fund.

“We appreciate the gesture made by Southern Water following the issues we experienced with bathing water quality that had a significant impact on the ability of local people to enjoy our beautiful coastline. By targeting this money to repairs and restoration of notable assets in the district, all of our residents will benefit.”

The money will pay for:

Ramsgate Lift restoration

East Cliff lift

A £50,000 grant to be provided to Ramsgate Town Council (RTC) for the restoration of the coastal lift on the Eastcliff. The allocation is dependent on agreement terms between RTC and TDC to secure a long term operator for the lift and a sustainable financial future.

Broadstairs beach access

Viking Bay

A £25,000 grant allocation  to Broadstairs and St Peters Town Council to enable disabled beach access adaptations to be implemented at Viking Bay.

Repairs to coastal tidal pool, Minnis Bay

Repairs totalling £14,500 are necessary at the tidal pool at Minnis. Investment is needed in order to keep the pool in service, however work cannot take place until the spring as concrete will not set quickly enough in the tidal zone if the temperature is below 10 degrees.

Iron gate for Margate Clock Tower

Clock tower

£500  allocated for the installation of an iron gate at the Margate Clock Tower. The installation will help to protect the listed structure from damage and subject to obtaining the relevant planning permissions it is intended that the gate will be designed and installed to mark the celebration of King Charles’ coronation.

Coastal shelters

An allocation of £10,000 has also been made for coastal shelter improvements – two at the Royal Esplanade in Westbrook and one Palm Bay Cliftonville.

The approvals come into force on March 17 unless they are ‘called in’ by a district councillor for discussion.

During 2021 combined sewer releases and failures at Southern Water pumping stations led to warnings to stay out of the water in June and October.

In June advice was issued against swimming at 11 Thanet beaches after a wastewater release from the Foreness pumping station. There were also numerous combined sewer outflows affecting water quality.

In October 2021 warnings were issued for 14 beaches and bays and stayed in place for nine days at 13 sites and an extra two days at Joss Bay following a discharge from the Broadstairs pumping station.


  1. £100,000?? Is this some kind of joke??
    A few million would be less insulting.
    Even better if Southern Water actually cleaned up their mess before thinking about paying off investors.

  2. Gosh a hundred thousand pounds? That’s the kind of money the oligarchs who benefited when our infrastructure was given away would laugh at if offered it as a salary.

    • Just been reading Tony, the Chinese have bought up much of the UK’s water, and of course receive an annual income from it, Duuurh!

    • Money would be better spent on dropped kerbs and table junctions, rather than on the Eastcliff lift. The former would be beneficial to most people who live in or visit Ramsgate.

  3. You get your lift repaired and in return everyone’s beaches get covered in c**p! Not much of a deal is it?

  4. Totally agree it will be wasted by T.D.C. A lift to save a 10 minute walk, and who will pay the wages of the operator ?? T.D.C, of the people of Ramsgate via R.T.C. But more to the point. Southern water have got off Scott free. No mention of reduction of water bills to customers. What about your customers who dont use these facilities ?? Maybe you gave forgotten them….

  5. A priority for some of this spending should be refurbishing and opening toilets. Much more beneficial for everyone than the coastal shelters which no doubt would soon be vandalised anyway.

  6. If Southern water can give all that money to the council, how about paying compensation to all the homes that suffered because of the lack of water, or don’t they matter ?

  7. £100,000 , that all ? That works out what 0.0001p per ltr of toxic waste dumped into our costal waters ?

  8. A Southern Water employees once commented that it’s cheaper to pay the fines than upgrade their infrastructure. True to this day I assume.

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