TAG Pet Rescue plea for help after rescue of 20 sick rabbits

The rabbits had been in cramped, unsanitary conditions

TAG Pet Rescue, the Thanet-based animal shelter, is asking for help to pay vets bills of £3700 following a mass rescue of 20 very sickly rabbits from a dire situation.

Ashen Oleander (pictured), Sanctuary Supervisor from TAG Pet Rescue, said: “We were contacted by someone who had acquired a large number of rabbits that they could not care for. We had no space at the sanctuary but were so concerned about the situation we went to the property to work out how to help.

“It was immediately obvious that the rabbits desperately needed saving – they were in cramped, overcrowded and extremely unsanitary conditions. There were unneutered males and females living together, signs of in-fighting and lots of infection and disease. It was truly heart-breaking to see.”

TAG Pet Rescue quickly removed all rabbits from the property and took them for medical attention to Briar House vets, who admitted the most severe cases. Many of the rabbits would have died if it wasn’t for such quick and expert medical care.

Several of the rabbits were especially poorly:

  • One had collapsed and was unable to stand
  • Two were heavily pregnant despite looking malnourished
  • Two were painfully thin with raw abscesses and matted fur
  • Four had blood dripping from their sore eyes

As TAG does not have space for all the bunnies, temporary space has been provided by several other rescues.

Ashen said: “While the bunnies are all safe now, we need £3700 to cover the cost of their treatment so far and for all the bunnies to be neutered on Saturday 17th June.

“Please spare anything you can to help us chip away at our staggering rabbit fees. We couldn’t leave those little souls to suffer in silence and need financial support to give them the ongoing care they deserve.

“Any amount makes a difference.”

Read more about the bunnies and make a donation here: https://gofund.me/4ddc5738

To find out more about TAG Pet Rescue, please visit: http://www.tagpetrescue.org.uk/ and their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/TAGPetRescueSanctuary

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