Road works mean lane closure and speed restriction at Haine Road and Manston Road

Road closures

Traffic lights, a lane closure and a speed restriction are in place at Haine Road and Manston Road as works, including road widening, take place.

The measures are in place at A256 Haine Rd (Lord of the Manor – Spratling Lane) and B2050 Manston Road between Greensole Lane – Meridian Close. The closure at Haine Road is in place from now until July 23. The 30mph speed restriction on Manston Road is in place until December 1.

Works to the existing roundabout include new road widening, kerbing, footways, surface water drainage, signage and carriageway surfacing. It is connected to housing development in the area.

The speed restriction on Manston Road is to allow resurfacing works to be carried out.


  1. Welcome to gridlock Thanet as drivers attempt to find alternative routes down single lane carriageways in both directions. KCC Highways are planning the road system in Thanet to take us through to 2041.

    • But an airport with thousands freight lorries in and out, fuel tankers, a million passengers and all their cars and parking, 20,000+ workers in and out….. that is all good and won’t affect the roads??!!

  2. House building in Thanet is bringing use to a full stop,very soon we won’t be able to walk around Thanet, we have already a water and sewage problem, the more building the bigger this problem will get,No extra schools or doctor surgery’s and no extra work in the area. Where is this all going to end ,

  3. You moan about the state of the roads, when they decide to get the sorted you moan again!

    Bloody hell no wonder this country is a mess when it’s filled with moaners.

  4. The slight inconvenience caused by these roadworks is as nothing compared with London’s traffic.
    And the roadworks are down to KCC, not TDC.

  5. It will be when ALL those houses been built-LOOK at haine road about 4.30 in the alfternoon trying to come home alfter a day at work or shopping

  6. Traffic management my @rse, these cowboys should be hung from the lamp posts, absolute joke getting anywhere today with the roadworks down Haine Road, nice job you bunch of hillbilly morons

  7. Well done TDC Panning and Highways Dept.
    1st day back at School for the Summer Term, with many students starting their exams, ( including SEN pupils ) and you go and whack up traffic lights on one of the main roads into Thanet, and right by 2 Secondary Schools. Massive delays and traffic queueing for miles, most sensitive of you. And guess what, 7 weeks of it, then it finishes just when the schools shut for 6 weeks. Where are your brains????

  8. So we have this road with restrictions. We have outside Dreamland with traffic lights from today until the 12th. the Road from Birchington to Westgate will be closed from 7pm today until the end of the week. Well done to Kent Highways for allowing all of this to take place at the same time. Utter stupidity.

    • R

      You can add the closure of the ramsgate port tunnel to your list. This was closed for ages only a few weeks ago and is now closed again. For a tunnel that isnt used much it needs alot of maintenance oddly

  9. Well done to the bright spark who thought of this A28 closed and the division send it to the haine Road well done

  10. You will have to get use to this congestion. Because once all the property’s have been built along the haine road. And there’s a fair few given the whole road is being built on getting around that area is going to be a challenge. All the hgv movements are destroying the roads now kcc hasn’t got the money to fix pot holes . The road has only started to fall apart since Barrett started work on that uninspired block of flats . Sunday I was in lordswood identical building.

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