Photos: A full house for the opening gala of Ramsgate’s Granville Theatre

A packed opening gala show Photo Frank Leppard

Photos by Frank Leppard

The Granville Theatre in Ramsgate was packed last night (May 27) for its opening gala.

Balloons, a glass of fizz, guitarists and a smartly turned-out team greeted the venue’s first customers since the site closed in 2020.

Theatre-goers included an array of guests such as Ralph ‘Mr Ramsgate’ Hoult, councillors past and present, mayors and more.

Photo Frank Leppard

Despite having only bought the theatre in October owners, sisters Zahra and Parisa Tarjomani and Matt Milchard have transformed the foyer area and had the auditorium ready for the debut night. More work is taking place but the theatre is now operational with Thanet group MOS kicking off the packed programme when they stage  The Adamms Family from May 31-June 3.

Photo Frank Leppard

Further shows include Michael Starring Ben direct from the London Palladium, Stranger Sings, Motown, Burlesque, Bombay Bicycle Club, Magic of Motown, The Makings of a Murderer  and more.

Photo Frank Leppard

To celebrate the opening visitors were treated to a show which included performance from Regency Performing Arts, Zahra and Parisa and baritone and former The Voice contestant Alaric Green – whose family were in the audience- and a cast of ‘Revolting Children!’

Photo Frank Leppard

Ralph Hoult, who leads Starlite Entertainers and was the founder of the group which previously leased the theatre, presented Matt, Zahra and Parisa with an Obelisk award for their mammoth achievement in bringing the Granville back into use.

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The Granville, which began life as a concert enclosure in 1914, is now the last remaining cinema of the three that used to be in the town, including the Odeon and the King’s cinemas, and it is the town’s only theatre building.

Find the full list of upcoming shows here


  1. well done all , i still think it would have been nice to recognise all the good work of sir ralph hoult and of course sonny day in years gone by. perhaps naming a part of it after them.

  2. A problem has come to light.
    If there was an audience of 600, that means something like 300 cars will need somewhere to park.
    Someone commented on a local FB page that cars were parked all over the place, on the grass, on the pavements and so on.
    I have no idea for a solution. The nearest car park is at the bottom of a (very) steep hill, so isn’t much use.

    • Not only is parking an issue on well attended event nights, cars were parked illegally on the grass and along the promenade itself. Poor management of parking has instantly become a very foreseeable issue combined with the lack of adherence to the law, the safety of pedestrians and generally consistent disregard for the immediate community and environment.

      I imagine the cement dust circulating in the building did wonders for people’s lungs.

      Some of the attendees see themselves as community leaders, I don’t suppose they will do anything about this.

      The three ward Councillors, Helen Crittenden, Steve Albon and Corinna Huxley appear to be keeping quiet on this issue.

      Perhaps they will tackle it after their well-earned weekend break.

  3. If it’s true that cars were illegal parked I’m sure TDC will send some traffic wardens along next time

    • It is true that cars were illegally parked.
      And irrespective of the flippant comments made by some, it is going to be a really big problem for local people if, week after week, hundreds of extra drivers try to park their cars in the vicinity of the Granville.
      Good luck with the enterprise. But something needs to be done about the parking.

  4. Never mind the parking – have tou seen the ticket prices? May be the cheaper seats have all been snapped up, but for the next few concerts you’re looking at £39 PLUS a booking fee.
    Why a booking fee?

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