Arts Week and parade at Garlinge Primary School and Nursery inspired by ‘Mergate’ festival

Arts Week for Garlinge children

Pupils and staff of Garlinge Primary School and Nursery have held their annual tradition of Arts Week.

This year, the children’s creativity was inspired by the new mermaid/merman parade, ‘Mergate’ which is taking place in Margate on Saturday June 3.

On the final day of Arts week (Friday 26th May), the students came together and celebrated with their own school parade and a vibrant and inspiring display of creativity and environmental consciousness.

The pupils showcased their artistic creations made from recycled materials, aiming to raise awareness about the pressing issue of plastic pollution in our oceans. They also performed a range of sea-life songs including, ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Yellow Submarine.’

Under the guidance of their guidance teachers, the youngsters demonstrated their commitment to protecting the planet by transforming discarded objects into captivating representations of marine life.

The school’s hallways have become a bustling avenue of imaginative displays, as each child exhibited their masterpieces during the parade.

Mr Cope, Head of School said: “The range of creative ideas the children demonstrated during the week was amazing and lots of fun was had by all, while also highlighting the importance of looking after our local beaches and marine life.”

Head Girl, Stella, added: “We had a fantastic week celebrating Margate’s sea-life and beaches. The parade was so much fun, and it was lovely to see everyone’s up-cycled creations.”

Lead for Arts, Miss Jenkins, said:”The morning was a huge success, and it was lovely to see the children’s excitement during the parade. The event not only captivated the students, but also left a lasting impact on the entire school community, raising awareness of plastic pollution.”

Head Boy, Rohan, said: “As well as all the fun that we had during Arts Week, we learnt an important message, we need to look after our seas and our precious wildlife.”

Tickets on offer for Margate’s first Mermaid Parade this June

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