Newington primary staff and pupils get set to bring Frozen to the stage

Lillie Gould ,Year 5, has recorded a keyboard version of Let It Go

Young performers, singers and musicians at Newington Community Primary School are in fine form warming up for their important roles in the school production of the musical Frozen.

The blockbuster film and stage show has been a themed learning topic throughout the school, and children have also seen the West End musical at London’s Drury Lane Theatre, a trip which included a picnic in Greenwich Park and spotting England football star Harry Kane visiting the theatre.

The kitchen team entered into the fun with a Frozen themed menu that included Olaf’s frozen desserts, Sven’s fries and troll rocks.

The whole school production is an ambitious effort for all year groups and staff as they recreate the popular Disney story about the relationship between two sisters who are princesses, Elsa and Anna. Elsa has magical powers to freeze objects and people, which she does not know how to control. After inheriting the throne, Elsa flees, inadvertently causing the kingdom to freeze in an eternal winter that nearly kills her sister. She must sacrifice and show true love to save the day.

The music room is a hive of activity preparing for the school’s production of Frozen. Each year group has recorded unique backing tracks, from Nursery all the way through to Year 6, ensuring that the voices heard at each performance are Newington pupils.

The Early Years have contributed a video performance of a song called ‘Little Snowflakes’. Year 1 are tackling the ambitious ‘In Summer’, and despite its fast pace and wordiness have really risen to the occasion.

Year 2 children recording ‘Frozen Heart’ in the school’s radio studio

Year 2 are performing a unique version of ‘Frozen Heart’ which music teacher Warwick Eldred adapted especially for their performance. He took the gist of the words from the original Disney film and set them to the tune of the popular sea-shanty ‘The Wellerman’.

Year 3 are performing ‘Do You Want To Build a Snowman’, Year 4 are performing a dance remix of ‘Let It Go’, Year 5 have to hit the highest note of all with ‘Love is An Open Door’, while Year 6 are rapping and performing ‘Ice Ice Baby’.

The whole performance climaxes with a rendition of the Fleet Foxes ‘White Winter Hymnal’ and a whole school performance of ‘Let It Go’.

Lillie Gould in Year 5 has performed, on video, a Grade 5 version of ‘Let It Go’ on the keyboard which will be played to the audience prior to each performance and will be used during the title sequence of the performance film (released via a link to each of the pupils’ families).

Mr Eldred has composed musical links between each song, performed by pupils to explain the narrative of the story, and the children involved will be performing these on video as part of the final performance.

Mr Eldred said: “We can’t wait to perform our version of Frozen to the NCPS community and hope that the audience will enjoy watching it as much as we have enjoyed making it.”

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor praised the hard work and enthusiasm of everyone involved with the show. She said: “Our community has once again united to present a fantastic show that highlights the many and varied talents of our children, ably supported by our incredible staff.”