Upton pupils explore Ancient Greece

Pupils enjoy dressing up as part of their Ancient Greece topic

A journey back to Ancient Greece began in style for children at Upton Junior School.

To mark the start of the wide-ranging adventure into the history and culture of the important civilisation Year 4 pupils celebrated by dressing in costume to immerse themselves in the period.

Looking splendid during their busy ‘stunning start’ day, they designed and created mini chariots and sampled a range of tasty treats that are among the country’s main exports.

The children tried feta, tzatziki, hummus, Kalamata olives, pitta bread, Greek yoghurt and Greek honey. The feta was a highlight for lots of the children.

The topic work will cross into other curriculum areas to ensure a broad range of learning opportunities including homework tasks such as writing a diary entry from the view of a person living in the era.

In Geography pupils will explore why these foods are popular in Greece whilst learning about the other main exports from the country. They will also be comparing Athens and London looking at the contrasts and similarities.

In History they are investigating daily life in the civilisation, while a visiting workshop with the Living Histories team will further enhance pupils’ topic knowledge.

In Design Technology they will continue to learn how to use tools and materials effectively, accurately and safely – this follows from their recent Roman topic where they used saws and glue guns to create catapults.

Year 4 Lead Katie Vary said: “Moving forwards, the group will be exploring the first Olympic Games in their PE sessions, diving deeper into the geography of the country, and learning about everyday life in Athens and Sparta.“

Head of School Darci Arthur added: “Exploring such an important civilisation as the development of ancient Greece is important as it offers our children the chance to understand its place in history. By referring to the topic across the curriculum the children experience the broader picture through a range of learning opportunities.”