‘Influx’ of vacancies in Thanet’s job market

Job Centre

Thanet Job Centres say the isle is experiencing a busy labour market with new vacancies coming in every week.

An influx of Border Force and Home Office vacancies need to be filled and some 40 jobs will be on offer for new Margate hotel No 42 – at the former Sands venue – in time for its opening in July.

Another 25 jobs will be on offer with the opening of Turner Lodge at QEQM Margate which will be dedicated to support those with learning disabilities and/or poor mental health. Support workers are needed and being recruited through JobCentre Plus and CareTech.

Job fairs are being held each month with a large scale recruitment event also scheduled to take place at The Yarrow Hotel on Broadstairs college campus on June 26.

Last month the benefits claimant count for Thanet was 4,705 people equating to 5.7% of the working age population. However, not all people claiming benefits are out of work.

‘Job fairs’

Jobcentre Recruitment Specialist Lily Chiu said: “Across Thanet, the past few months have been a busy time for the labour market with new job opportunities coming out each week.

“In our job centres, we have been working hard to support customers back into work. We have continued to hold regular job fairs each month, with employers including Thorley Taverns and Shepherd Neame in attendance, offering interviews with successful outcomes for several customers.

“Alongside this, we are continuing to work closely with local providers, such as East Kent College and ESP, offering customers sector-specific courses to gain additional qualifications as well as guaranteed interviews in Construction, Security, and Teaching.

“With the recent influx of Border Force and Home Office vacancies, Strive Training are also holding regular Civil Service employability courses to support the local recruitment drive.

New openings

“Coming soon to Margate is the opening of Turner Lodge, a dedicated building supporting those with learning disabilities and mental health. We are working with CareTech to support in their recruitment of 25 Support Workers, with applicants needing no previous experience to apply. Universal Credit customers should get in touch with their Work Coach if interested.

“Moving forward into Summer, Ramsgate and Margate jobcentres will be hosting more recruitment events on a larger scale. In collaboration with East Kent College, we are excited to announce that we will be at The Yarrow Hotel in Broadstairs on 26th June for a multiple-sector job fair, with employers from all over Thanet.

“With hospitality an important sector locally, we are also engaging with No.42 by Guesthouse, a new hotel on the site of the former Sands Hotel. The hotel is looking to recruit around 40 members of full-time/part-time staff and will also be in attendance at Ramsgate job fair on 25th May.

“With so many job opportunities in the area, Thanet’s thriving labour market is looking promising for the months ahead.”

To find out more about job fairs contact your work coach through Thanet JobCentres.



  1. There will be a big big big influx of jobs when Manston Airport becomes fully functional. The years and utter time wasting that the owners of Manston Airport have had to endure from the pathetic moaners who have nothing better to do in there lives is incredible when one considers how the airport will be of enormous importance and benefits to so many users and the U.K. economy in general.

    • Why would an airport in such an unsuitable place become really popular for once? Even when we were a channel’s-width away from a nice big market, it kept going patooties.

    • The number of jobs created, should Manston reopen, will be about 100, fewer than the number created when Wetherspoons opened in Ramsgate.
      The owners of Manston could have begun flying at any time they liked, once Stone Hill Park sold them the land. They didn’t (and don’t) need a DCO. They do need various permissions from the Local Authority (not difficult under the previous pro-Manston administration – trickier now), plus a CAA licence (and RSP haven’t got very far with that)
      A majority of people in Thanet in general and Ramsgate in particular don’t want the airport, not least because of the impact a “dirty great airport” (to use Ashe Ashbey’s phrase) would have on the 1000s of jobs recently created in the hospitality sector.
      The airport has been closed since 2014, nine years. I don’t notice any impact on the national economy. Whereas locally the hospitality sector has boomed.

    • Ann, I have told you before stop taking drugs, it has rotted your brain out! Either that or those fumes you love sucking in from airplanes have caused brain damage!

      Oh and just to clarify, there will be no jobs created by this mythical airport, just get that into your head.

    • Ann

      As you seem to be in the know how is manston going to compete with better placed airports ?

      When manston was open planes after being serviced would book at slot at Gatwick to be fueled as it was cheaper than bringing in fuel by tanker.
      How is manston going to uncut Gatwick if it’s cheaper to fly the aircraft from manston to Gatwick to be fueled than bring fuel in by tanker at manston!

      This is just one point as to why manston fails by not being on the fuel grid. Than you have the lack of road and rail.
      Even now at Heathrow the motorway is about 6 lanes and it still gets jammed up. But supports of manston think a two lane thanet way and M2 will cope.

      Wake up smell the coffee do your homework on the struck off solicitor.

  2. Andrew is a troll. Do not reply he is like Boris Johnson was about getting Brexit done just lies. I think Andrew spends his days in weather-spoons he is always talking and it.

    • I always think that when people stoop to making personal and unpleasant comments (such as Bill and “*” have) then they’ve lost the argument.
      Andrew said nothing unpleasant about Ann, despite her remarks about anti-airport people. He did counter some of her claims, though.
      If you think Andrew is mistaken in what he says, just say so.
      I think we all know who the trolls really are.

  3. Excellent news that the continuing influx of illegal immigrants is creating more jobs in Border Force to welcome them – and of course more jobs in the hotel industry to feed and house them . . .

  4. Andrew don’t be childish unless of course you are a child then you are allowed.To suggest Manston Airport will “employ less than a pub on the seafront is ridiculous thing to say. If it’s any consolation to you I hate the Conservatives but I respect the law and it will be the law that will give the go ahead to Manston Airport reopening. The government gave Manston the DCO and the law has to respect their ( government ) lawful right to do so.
    If the rumours about house builders bank rolling the Judicial Review that may well backfire spectacularly in the Jenny Dawes camp.

    • The granting of a DCO (or a decision by RSP to just go ahead with opening the airport, which they could do, if they wanted) won’t change the fact that a highly automated cargo airport will employ few people. Nothing like the tens of thousands mentioned by RSP.
      The government’s Planning Inspectorate recommended not to have the airport. The Independent experts commissioned by the government (OveArup) recommended not to have an airport. For no rational reason whatsoever, the SoS ignored those recommendations. That’s why the JR was (successfully) raised. To challenge the SoS’s illegal decision.
      Rumours have been put about regarding the funding of the JR because some find it difficult to accept that there are thousands of people ready and willing to put their hands in their pockets and cough up hundreds of thousands of £££ towards the JR.

      • Andrew, I am a pensioner, and I have donated thousands to fund the Judicial Review, not just because I do not want dirty old cargo planes roaring in over Ramsgate Harbour at less than 300 meters high, but because I love Ramsgate! Low flying aircraft over the harbour will drive tourists, and locals away, destroy the hospitality industry, devalue property, and businesses, and pollute the air all over Thanet, not just in Ramsgate! Unless people know how to strip down a jet engine, there will be precious few jobs created should Manston re-open!

        The Tory’s thought promoting Manston would be a vote winner in the local elections, but that was proved wrong because there soon won’t be a breeding pair of them if they keep this policy up! Mackinlay, and Gale jumped on the band wagon, which proved them to be traitors, and the sooner they are kicked out the better!

  5. My nephew is looking for a job in thanet. He is multi skilled and prepared to take almost anything. The jobcentre in ramsgate has nothing to offer him and when there is a vacancy it is filled within hours. So where are these jobs?

    • Helen

      My lad has been to these job fairs and he said most of the companies that say they would be at the fair werent !.

      He said it was a complete waste of time and he has been to a few.

      I agree it’s all bullsh*t about these jobs, I dont know why the companies are saying there’s vacancies when there isnt.

  6. Andrew, the SOS has to weigh up all aspects of the airport the sos does not have to justify his decision it’s his ministerial right to make that decision. What you are saying is it’s alright to act upon the inspectors opinion but not upon a government sos opinion.

    • The Secretary of State should accept the recommendations of the majority of experts, not pander to the wishes of the two Thanet MPs.

    • Then what’s the point in having a year long planning process during which hundreds if not thousands of people made their views known, dozens of expert opinions were made (on both sides of the argument) and a panel of four very experienced planning inspectors spent months deliberating before reach8ng a conclusion?
      As the first JR showed, the SoS can’t simply override the PI’s decision for no good reason.

  7. This article had nothing to do with Manston. We have all read endlessly the opinions of Ann, Andrew etc on Manston and I am not in the least bit interested in reading them again, especially when not relevant to the article – if and when Manston opens, then the matter of employment there can be discussed.

    Good news that there are so many job opportunities here in Thanet for those hoping to find a job. Helen – Pete’s Fish Factory at Margate Harbour has had a board up for a few weeks saying they are looking for full and part-time staff – he may want to try there if he has been unsuccessful elsewhere.

  8. Jane go and sit in a cupboard and talk to yourself about how rude and disrespectful you are.

  9. John, border force want staff to handle the huge number of holiday makers ( who claim they need higher wages) traveling through Dover rather than illegal migrants.

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