SUP & Skate Margate announces closure amid cost of living crisis

SUP & Skate Margate will close down in June

A paddle board and skate shop which opened in Margate in July 2021 will be shutting down next month due to rising costs and falling footfall.

SUP & Skate Margate opened when Garlinge couple Marie and Paul Evans took on the former Kut Hut in Marine Gardens and transformed it into a stylish hub for everything from paddle and mountain boards to clothing and SUP tuition.

The sporting pair have been involved in Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP) for some ten years and initially set up SUP Margate online after Marie was made redundant from her marketing job not long after undergoing chemo treatment for cancer.

After a year online the pair changed the name to SUP & Skate Margate and took up the opportunity to open the shop.

Sadly, the cost of living crisis has hit the business and Marie says it is no longer sustainable.

She said: “course I would like to say thank you to all of our customers for supporting us over the years.

“Unfortunately the shop and business just isn’t sustainable in the current climate so we had to make the difficult decision to close.

“With the cost of living crisis and lack of footfall in Margate high street we really haven’t had much choice and I know we are just one of many businesses suffering.

“On the plus side we are looking forward to spending more weekends on the water and land paddling.”

SUP & Skate will shut in the middle of June. Stock has been reduced to clear before the business closes.


  1. So sad. I wish them luck and happiness.

    Another good honest business crippled by the backward logic of the government and the BoE in fighting the cost of living crisis.

    This is not an issue that wasn’t fixable it was an opportunity the rich saw to make themselves richer and small business was the fall guy. We are seeing the large companies still set record profits.

    That should be a signal to people it’s all a big stitch up. Raising the interest rate this week was almost criminal. Everytime it’s not had the effect they predicted and yet the raise it again.

    It’s using 70s logic in 2023, the late 90s disproved the ridiculous notions about inflation but economists and bankers want to keep banging the 70s drum because it’s better for them.

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