Thanet district election 2023: Housing development main topic of hustings in Westgate

Westgate hustings Photo Craig Solly

Housing and development were the issues raised at a hustings organised by Westgate and Garlinge Action Group against housing development on farmland.

The hustings at Westgate Community Centre was attended by around 50 people including local candidates.

The main topics were development, Thanet’s Local Plan, housebuilding targets and the impact of increasing Air B&B properties. Candidates from across the political spectrum were in attendance.

Photo Craig Solly

A spokesperson for Westgate and Garlinge Action Group said: “We were very pleased with the turnout and feedback was that people found it an interesting and useful evening.

“It gave opportunity for people to meet their local candidates for TDC  and there were some excellent questions and discussion of housing relating issues, in particular the plans to build on Westgate  and Garlinge farmland.

“The fact that so many candidates attended is an indication  that they are aware that this is a very important issue for local people and so a vote influencer.

“We were extremely encouraged that candidates, including the current council leader Ash Ashbee, appear to have a united front in that they would do all they could to halt this development. Ash Ashbee appeared confident in the council’s ability to be able to  do so in light of new planning policy.

“Of course, it remains to be seen if this will be put into action (by those elected).

“It was acknowledged that our action group is just one of many across the country lobbying hard to save farmland and green land,  and that that this has been instrumental  in changes being proposed currently by Michael Gove.”

Photo Craig Solly

Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Michael Gove, has proposed reforms to national planning policy which include a series of measures to water down the effect of local housing targets.

The Thanet local plan – a blueprint for housing, business and infrastructure –  currently has housing need calculated using the Government’s “standard method” resulting in a figure of 21,700 dwellings in the district by 2040. The local plan up to 2031 – with 17,140 homes required – was adopted in July 2020 but at the end of 2021 a review began to extend the plan to 2040.

A Thanet council document published last year says housing figures should be calculated by using the 2018 census-based population figures, so that numbers better reflect local need.

The document also highlights how councils are penalised by government for not delivering the required number of houses per year despite many of the issues being down to slow constriction by house builders.

Thanet goes to the local election polls


  1. The Tory actions on housing targets is somewhat hypocritical seeing as their actions (or inactions) have resulted in most of the current target on over 17000 houses going on farmland
    In 2009-2011 when the latest Local plan should have been enacted the target was 12000 homes.
    Tory inaction throughout the period 2009-2015 meant the Local Plan never got going.
    In May 2015 UKIP started the process but the target had risen to over 17000 houses.
    A call for land led to farmland being proposed and 2500 on the brownfield ex airport site however when UKIP crashed in January 2018 those 2500 were added to the rest of the farmland

    • You can say goodbye to even more farmland and green spaces if the Labour Party gain power, as today they announced that they will be sticking to National house building targets and would actually increase development. Those who think that the Labour Party will save our precious farmland and Green spaces are seriously deluded.

  2. Sorry, I won’t be voting for anyone from any party! There is nothing to congratulate any of them for in my opinion. Gridlocked roads due to allowing building with no infrastructure, letting buildings fall into disrepair, no action on illegal parking etc etc!!

    • If you don’t vote, then you’ve no voice.
      Get down the polling station tomorrow and make your voice heard.
      Don’t forget your photo id.

  3. Not one are good. All self-seeking. None accountable. But, only Tories flogged off our services. NHS is about to go. Now polling Station clerks are told to turn away people without suitable ID before they get into the station. So that they can’t be counted as having been officially turned away. Criminals. There has been FIVE cases of voter fraud over the past years. Three were MPs cheating. This ID fiasco is to disrupt the voting process. Don’t let them steal the last vestige of democracy.

    • Rubbish.
      Almost all of us have suitable ID of one sort or another. And for those who don’t, there are (very well advertised) alternatives.

      So, anyone turning up at a polling station without ID is either a hermit or mischievous.

  4. A redevelopment of the Westwood Cross shopping centre with housing would add to the local housing stock, plus have the added benefit of the shops returning to Ramsgate & Margate town Centre! Some of the shops in Westwood Cross shopping centre are a total duplication (Poundland as an example) while Primark could make use of the former Sports Direct in Ramsgate, rather that the flats that were planned. Also Sports Direct to the former Argos (including the upstairs former “Balcony Restaurant”).

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