Quex Adventure Farm Park suffers ‘significant’ theft and damage in second break-in

Quex Adventure Farm Park has suffered another break-in

Thieves have broken into Quex Adventure Farm Park in Birchington, stealing thousands of pounds of equipment and causing a significant amount of damage to the site.

The break-in is the second year in a row that the children’s play and adventure site has been targeted.

The adventure site is still open today (May 1) but staff member William Parker-Gorman says it is an upsetting end to what should have been a positive bank holiday.

Some £6000 worth of goods has been taken, including cash, tools, camera and IT equipment.

William said: “We have had cash, IT equipment, camera equipment and tools taken. There is lots of damage to doors, windows, tills security systems and office furniture.

“In a cost of living crisis where we have held our prices low to make fun and educational family outdoor fun available to as many people as possible it puts strain on a business just trying to do its bit for the community of Thanet.

“Winter and spring are always quieter for us and with a break in two years in a row it is both heartbreaking and demoralising for the small and committed team.

“We should have been arriving at a fantastic end to a great bank holiday weekend but instead have to contend with mindless and selfish vandalism.”

CCTV caught two people  coming into the site at the rear from Park Lane.

The adventure farm park has been run by the Stroud family for the last 12 years and employs a large number of residents and young people.

William said: “This is the second time as we also had this last year and just do not know why these people are gunning for us. We beefed up the security system but they have just smashed through the windows and doors.

“Graham (Stroud) is a key person on the estate and works tirelessly to provide children’s play activities and keep them priced so it is accessible to as many people as possible.

“We employ lots of young people and give them their first opportunity in work. We have school trips next week which we were supposed to be prepping for so it makes it challenging and has these knock-on effects.

“It is difficult to come into work for a positive bank holiday and find it smashed up and the office ransacked.”

Police have been notified of the break-in.

The team at Quex is asking anyone with information to come forward.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is investigating a report of a burglary at a business in in Quex Park, Birchington. Property including a computer equipment, cameras and a quantity of cash was stolen after several buildings were broken into between 11.30pm on Sunday 30 April and 12.30am on Monday 1 May.

“Officers attended the scene and enquiries, including a review of CCTV in the area, are ongoing. Anyone who witnessed anything suspicious in the area, or who has any information, is urged to call Kent Police on 01843 222289, quoting reference 46/77825/23.

“You can also call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or complete the online form on their website.”


  1. LOW LIFE SCUM , go to work to get things you want not steal them from people trying to help the community

  2. IF this scum is ever caught nothing will happen to them , the cost will be bourne by someone else as always

  3. Extremely disappointing that the culprit chooses to deprive children.
    Why not have CCTV with VNR equipment at the entrance to the site and all vulnerable entrance/exit points. After the last break-in one would have thought the insurers for the business would have insisted on additional security.

  4. Careful what you call these low lifes other readers might say that’s what the nazis said. !!!!! despite that I’ll stick with vermin

    • It is indeed what the Nazis said, and as another commentator pointed out, the Nazis also called Jews “untermenschen”, i.e. subhumans.

      Marva Rees

      • It matters not how bad we call those who did this itt will not be a low enough word, I have some I would love to use but decent people read these and the post would not pass scrutiny.

  5. It’s getting worse what with quexd Farley’s of Ramsgate vans being glued and dawbed with paint over the weekend,an MP from Bromley stood up in Parliament last Wednesday and said crime rate in Kent had gone down considerably he needs to add Thanets crimes on to his list, we definitely are having a problem with all sorts of crimes, we have no chance when Government MPs are proclaiming its gone down in Kent the Garden of England it may be but its not Rosey in large swathes of it we’re not unique with what is happening Medway, Maidstone, and Dartford, are all suffering as much or nearly as much as Thanet is,

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