Hidden Treasures indoor market officially opens in Ramsgate

Hidden Treasures in Ramsgate is now open (Photo via Raushan Ara)

Ramsgate mayor Raushan Ara did the honours this morning (May 1) to officially open Hidden Treasures indoor market in Ramsgate.

The market is offering everything from antiques to fudge and cakes and a vinyl record stall at the former JC Rook & Son’s shop in the town centre.

Businessman  Behrooz Abdolvand bought the former butcher and pie shop in Ramsgate to be turned into Hidden Treasures.

Behrooz, Mayor Ara and Dave (Photo via Raushan Ara)

The Persian businessman, who now lives in Margate, has made an investment to bring the site back into use.

Behrooz, who has two children currently studying at universities in Canterbury and Warwick, formerly worked in Iran where his business had the sole contract for laying the gas pipelines.

He has teamed up with Dave Humphries, who was in the paper industry before retiring and opening an antiques shop in Broadstairs and then Herne Bay.

The venue will also have a café, currently in progress, and a downstairs music area.

Dad-of-three Dave, from Broadstairs, said: “We will be open seven days a week. We have cabinets that people rent and  stalls as well as our own antiques and collectibles.

“There are three large rooms upstairs and we will also have a kitchen and café and will seek permission for chairs and tables out the front.”

Mayor Ara said: “A very big welcome to David Humphries and Behrooz Abdolvand and congratulations on the opening of the new indoor market Hidden Treasures in King Street.

“I wish them the very best for the future, and it is wonderful to have another new business in Ramsgate. My hope is that other small businesses will join them in revitalising the town.”

To make enquiries about taking space at the indoor market, call Dave on 07717774075.

(Photo via Raushan Ara)

J C Rook & Sons shops closed in March last year after the firm went into administration.

The firm had been trading in Kent for well over half a century but owed some £2million when it shut, with some 137 people losing their jobs.

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  1. An indoor market, selling vintage items, is much better than another empty shop on the ailing Ramsgate High Street. I can’t wait to visit, and I know of at least 20 other people who will be visiting.

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  2. I paid a fleeting visit today. Lots of lovely, interesting items on display. Didn’t have a lot of time to see everything so will definitely be back when I have more time.
    Wishing this new venture every success!

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