Newington children explore life as a Ramsgate firefighter

Newington children visited Ramsgate fire station

Children at Newington Community Primary in Ramsgate have seen the town’s firefighters in action.

The Reception year group were amazed at life behind the scenes at the fire station.

The four and five year olds were treated to a tour of all the facilities. They saw where the fire crews train, eat, sleep and to top it all, they got to see the fire engine inside and out.

They were allowed to help a fire fighter direct a powerful pressure water jet and watched a training exercise as crews went through their important drills.

Teacher Natasha Musselwhite said: “Our children were so amazed – excited would be an understatement. The visit has really supported our learning about people who help us in the community.

“This was a first class learning opportunity and we thank everyone at Ramsgate Fire Station for their support and kindness in making this brilliant experience come true. The children talked about it for days – it really made a huge impression.”

Head Teacher Hannah Tudor added: “This type of educational visit is so valuable. It helps add a real dimension to learning.

“The fire station team were fantastic and devoted valuable time to helping our pupils experience life at the heart of one of our important emergency services.

“Although they are very young children it has reinforced their appreciation of the fire service. It was a visit they will remember for years to come.”