Warm bath and heated pen help recovery of beaver rescued from Western Undercliff beach

The stranded beaver Photo Martyn Farrier

A warm bath and a pen with a heat lamp were just what the vet ordered for a beaver rescued from Ramsgate’s Western Undercliff this morning (April 16).

British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) medics were notified of the stranded beaver at around 8am.

Contact was made with Ben Morris from the Environment Agency and medics went to assist with the capture of the beaver before it got into too much trouble.

The animal was on the groyne, meaning medics had to walk into the sea, wearing life jackets, in order to reach it.

Photo Sheila Stone

Medic Sheila Stone said: “Using a net the beaver was caught and transported to a local vet. The vet in charge contacted a local animal sanctuary to see if they could assist and the beaver was then transported to the sanctuary with the vet in attendance.

Photo Sheila Stone

“After a health check it was found to be very cold so a warm bath was made for it to go in, in order for it to warm up. It was then given a pen with a heat lamp and will continue its rehabilitation there.

“Many thanks to the medics who attended alongside myself -. Mark Noone, Martyn Farrier, Jodie Moore, Harry Moody-Smith, Mark and Rebecca Douglas, together with Ben Morris from the Environment Agency.

“It was a successful capture in difficult conditions.”

Photo Sheila Stone

The reintroduction of the Eurasian beaver in Britain took place in 2002, when Kent Wildlife Trust released two beaver families onto Ham Fen nature reserve near Sandwich.

Ham Fen is the last surviving area of Fenland in Kent and provided the perfect environment for the beavers to thrive, they immediately begun to build dams, raise the water levels and improve the habitat.

The natural habitat for beavers is fresh water surrounded by woodland and they do not fare well if they enter salt water. At this time of year young males will be attempting to find their own territory. If the end up in the River Stour they can then find themselves entering the sea.

BDMLR can be contacted on 01825 765546.

Kent Wildlife Trust: More than 20 years of Ham Fen beaver project


    • Yes, although maybe it’s time to capture and relocate some of the younger ones to inland communities. Quite a few now found their way to the sea, and perished, this little chap was fortunate to be rescued.

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