Mobile home dumped on Westgate cliff top last May finally removed

Being removed at last Photo Samantha Davies

A static home which was installed illegally on the cliff top at Westgate at the end of last May has finally been removed.

The mobile home was put on land, known as ‘The Gardens’, next to Westgate Pavilion.

In September 2022 Thanet District Council applied for an Injunction to remove the mobile home.

At the following court hearing in February defendant Sheena Daniels claimed to have purchased the land and claimed she would provide proof of ownership. The land is owned by Thanet council.

Deputy District Judge Plant, at Canterbury County Court, ruled the mobile home must be removed and the defendant was ordered to pay Thanet District Council’s costs of £4,333.26.

The defendant’s claim  they had legally purchased the land was dismissed by the court and Ms Daniels was ordered to have the static home removed within 56 days of the hearing – by Thursday 20 April.

The static was removed today (April 14).


  1. The sea is not an open sewer. I look forward to swimming in it again this summer.

    You are an attention -seeking prat, “real world”. Try to be more realistic and less miserable- do you think you could manage that?

    • ” I look forward to swimming in it again this summer.”

      Yeah, good look with that. Teresa Coffey ain’t going to be doing a thing to improve waterways/coastlines.

  2. 11 months to remove this caravan. What was the cost to the residents for this . I’m surprised no one never set it on fire.

  3. You telling me after 11 months of legal work and going to court ect .The council only run up a debt of only 4330 k I don’t belive that figure.

  4. Why didn’t the council just remove the caravan as illegally parked then summoned the owner for illegal parking and storage and disposal? I guess that was too simple. No wonder the courts are clogged up with cases when it’s taken this long to remove one caravan.

  5. Was it occupied? Its not clear if the owner actually occupied the home! If she was it would have been a different story, like the one earlier in the IoTN of the lady who lost her flat due to the avarice of her landlord who increased her rent beyond her means, and she ended up sleeping in a camper van!

  6. I don’t think it was occupied – there was some sort of wire fencing around the front of it (the side facing away from the sea, where the doors are) which blocked access.

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