Haine Road shut due to burst water main

Road closed Image ralfgosch

An emergency road closure is in place at Haine Road in Ramsgate due to a burst water main.

The road has been closed at the junction with Spratling Lane – both ways from Leigh Road to St Johns Avenue – and could remain shut for up to seven days.

The alternative route is via B2050 Manston Road, Newington Road, A254 Margate Road, A256 Haine Road and New Haine Road, however congestion is seeing numerous tailbacks.

There are also temporary traffic lights in Westwood Road due to further Southern Water repairs to another burst main.

Southern Water says: “We’re repairing two pipes in Broadstairs and Ramsgate. Haine Road, Ramsgate, where third party damage has caused a burst, and the second in Westwood Road, Broadstairs.

“While the two aren’t connected, we’ve had to shut part of Haine Road to keep everyone safe in the area. It’s closed at the junction with Manston Road, to the junction of St. John’s Avenue.

“If you live nearby, you may also notice low pressure. We’re really sorry for any disruption this is causing.”



  1. Typical, more traffic disruption caused by the so call ‘ Need ‘ to build loads of new houses in Thanet

  2. If anyone was around Westwood Cross this afternoon, they will agree with the level of chaos up there! Traffic lights at both entrance/exits of Tesco, buses trying to negotiate the switchback at the gym entrance, caused by the queues of traffic on Westwood road, trying to avoid the roadworks. That coupled with complete disregard for the yellow hatched area at the Tim Horton roundabout. Whoever gave planning permission for yet another fast food outlet in that area needs sacking!!

    • The Tim Horton boxed area is not fit for purpose and may be unenforceable as its probably private land. You cannot see if you exit is clear as its hidden by the bushes on the roundabout when leaving Tesco.

      • The council aren’t responsible for roads on private land, lad. That’d be the landlords of the retail park…

    • Will only get worse when all the houses are finished will be an absolute nightmare that as if it’s not bad enough now. The area won’t be able to cope with all the traffic in and out of that area.

  3. Enjoy your driving! It’s so much better, and more relaxing, than other ways of getting from A to B!

    • And how would get your weekly shop for a family of 4/5, say 6/7, bags,from Westwood to your home without a car,I take it you must be a person of advanced years,so you can do your shopping bit by bit using your free bus pass ,some have to use a car,buses will not be good with getting a weekly shop and children to and from Westwood or any supermarket

  4. They state damage by a 3rd party .So who was digging up the road. Or was it the new construction site
    next door to this .

  5. Shows the complete failure of TDC and KCC to think strategically and plan for resilience – the no hopers at both organisations should be held to account everytime.

      • I would if anything would be done,but the three main parties are all the same promise the world to get elected and the nothing ,we’re all right sod the rest,until the next election,what exactly has the Labour or cons done for them at over the years ,nothing

        • “what exactly has the Labour”

          A LOT. There are some handy infographics out there stating exactly what good things Labour did during their last terms and how the Tories have done nothing but reverse it…

    • Have a laugh fox, you’re oblivious just like Lewis.

      This has nothing to do with TDC. Know what you’re talking about.

      KCC just implement the order for an emergency road closure. KCC don’t have the ability to stop burst water mains. Nothing to do with them.

      • Keep up Box – the point is about lack of strategic planning and resilience in our road network. KCC is the Highways Authority but TDC is the Planning Authority that either grants or refuses permission for housing, roads etc. – so ultimately it is a TDC issue.
        This has less to do with the politicians and more to do with the lack of capability of officers who advise.

        • Why don’t you put yourself forward as a consultant? I mean you’re clearly such an armchair expert, after all…

  6. Total madness-No thanks to Thanet council for letting houses being built in the wrong area-Westwood cross more Takeaways going up-Main roundabout between Tesco Extra and Sainsburys nothing i cant put in to words Hang u heads in shame Thanet council.

  7. Wonder how long these repairs are going to take? I would hope they have workmen on these burst pipes 24 hours round the clock being the amount of disruption it’s causing wait till monday morning then when the kids are back at school if you think today was bad 🤦‍♂️

  8. Anyone know how people who work at businesses on the Haine Industrial Estate are to get to their place of work if the road is closed?

  9. The 34 Stagecoach bus from Leopold Street in Ramsgate to Margate, was on diversion this morning, with parts of Newington were been served.

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