Plan for 3 shops and 10 apartments at British Heart Foundation store in Margate

The British Heart Foundation store in Margate High Street (image google)

Proposals to convert the British Heart Foundation shop in Margate High Street into three smaller shops with flats on the  floor above and also in a two-storey extension have been submitted to Thanet council.

The application from Silverland Properties proposes three retail units with new façade and ten residential units.

Currently British Heart Foundation Furniture & Electrical store occupies the property over two storeys but this would change with the plans being for s split of retail into three units at ground floor, change of use of the first floor of the building to create flats and an additional two storey extension to create new roof level residential units.

The homes would be made up of three 2 bed 1-bed and six two-bed duplex (over two floors) units.

There would also be communal courtyard and communal roof level areas.

Shops would be accessed from the High Street while a new entrance and widened footpath will be created off Herbert Place for the flats.

Cycle spaces will be provided.

How it could look Image black-architecture

The scheme has prompted some objections with one saying: “My business partner and I are in the process of opening a restaurant at this end of the High Street. High Streets are historically areas of commerce and this extension and increase in population density could have a negative impact on the ability to trade.

“There is no precedent for this kind of development on the High Street and shops further down are listed. This extension would be placed on top of a building that has a significant footprint and two additional floors would be visually oppressive. There is not the infrastructure in this part of town for more housing.”

Several other objections also comment on the proposed height of the building and the predicted negative impact of 10 residential units in a commercial trading area.

Pre-application advice from the planning department indicates the change of use of the first floor of the building to create 4 residential units would meet planning olicy requirements and the additional units on the upper floors “appear to be permissible.. however this would be subject to any external changes being sympathetic to the design of the existing building and neighbouring development.”

A decision on the application is yet to be made. Documents can be seen on the Thanet council planning page, reference PN13/TH/23/0004  and F/TH/22/1668


    • Looks like an ordinary, run of the mill artist’s impression to me. So change your underpants and move on.

  1. I love that the person opening the fictitious restaurant doesn’t want people living near it!!

    I, for one, think everything should be closed and no houses should be any where. All buildings should only be what they were 50 years ago, even though they all closed because no one needed them any more.

    • And they patently don’t know the area, as abuilding only a few doors away was converted to residential not in the last 10 years or so. Plus it’s about the only future the upper high street has. My only caveat would be that any homes created are ineligible to ever have a parking permit for any of the local “permit parking schemes”.

  2. As Westwood X has wiped our towns out and there is no chance of them trading again , the only option is to turn the shops into residential buildings. When permission was granted for Westwood X , our planners knew the towns would suffer and become ghost towns. Best plan would be to purchase the shops for a fair market price ; demolish them; and build decent residential homes .

    • I fully agree with u-People said that if westwood was given the go-ahead it would turn towns in to ghost towns but they did not want to know.

  3. Get rid of WWX? Whatever. It has a selling point town centre retail doesn’t – free parking.

    Maybe extend the art community diaspora to the town centre with new ateliers? It has no other use.

  4. Residential units above the shops seems a good idea but I don’t think the addition of a two storey extension on top should be allowed.

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