Police attend Nash Road crash

Image Kent Police

A couple attended accident & emergency for medical checks following a crash in Nash Road last night (April 2).

Kent Police was called to a report of a collision involving two cars at the stretch near the farm shop at around 9.30pm.

A couple in one car attended the A&E but are understood to have minor but no serious injuries. Their vehicle suffered substantial damage.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Officers attended the scene in Nash Road where a man was taken to hospital.

“The road was closed for around three hours while both vehicles were recovered.”

Kent Police say a man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and released on bail.


  1. Nash Road has become a death trap ever since the road widening ‘improvement’ which has created narrowing of the road in a number of places. I dread to think of the accidents that will happen once the estate being built there is completed.

  2. I wonder if they were speeding along the section that is 30mph! Most drivers seem to ignore it and carry on at greater speeds.

  3. Yes people do speed on this road, it’s not 30mph all the way,I might be wrong,,as more traffic, are using this road ,as a short cut ,and with a potential of thousands of cars going on that road, because of all the new houses being built,in that area maybe the road should be widened, especially at the new narrowed corner on that road ,if you use this road ,you will know ,what I mean ,I worry because on many occasions ,stupid drivers ,drive to fast going into a blind 90 degree corner ,and others driving, using the imaginary white centre line ,as a way of driving ,moving over at the last possible moment,obviously don’t want to get their car dirty by driving into the puddles of water

    • Look on the bright side.
      With lots more houses, there will be lots more cars.
      With lots more cars, the roads will be so gongested that motorists won’t be able to speed.

      • Also lots more air pollution,with cars standing still ,ie more asthma in kiddies ,but never mind Tories to the rescue with millions of ev cars ,vans and millions of charging points to come in the next few years ,must keep taking my drugs,ha ha ha

  4. Not helped with the ongoing closure of the A254 Ramsgate Road..
    Nash Road is too narrow for the volume of traffic…It either needs substantial widening , or made one way.
    That would be very inconvenient for all the new residents…….

  5. Road closures have nothing to do with people driving drunk and like a prat!

    This was caused by a selfish twat with no respect for anyone else.

    Hope they throw the book at them for this.

  6. TDC considering pedestrianisning all of Thanet?

    Apparently the TDC want a helicopter and hope everyone driving redundent cars will also want one and a council one won’t look out of place.

  7. The road is essential and not a short-cut at all as the same length from Westwood Cross to Margate. With the main route closed for months how are all the extra people living in the new homes developed on the Country lane supposed to get about. It is hardly a bus route and nobody in their right mind would walk or ride along Nash Road with no pavement either side. It is an accident waiting to happen.
    What was the point of the new wider section half way along that suddenly does a 90 degree angle into a bottleneck without any safety chevrons? Look at the kerbstone on that corner damaged by all the vehicle wheels chipping it. No homes should have been allowed to be built there without the road being widened first, when will TDC and KCC get a grip on infrastructure ?

  8. How about having an electric road train running through the new estates that are unfortunately being built, then the new residents could leave the big suvs at home when going shopping or taking the little horrors to school. Perhaps they could look at the planes overhead during their journey to and from and start planning their holidays.

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