Northdown Primary School celebrates Indian culture

Northdown children took part in Holi festivities

A taste of India came to Northdown Primary School this week as Year 5 classes took part in their very own Holi festival.

The excited children took to the playground armed with a kaleidoscope of coloured powder paint to immerse themselves in the special festival and gain a deeper understanding of its significance.

Lexi, a Year 5 pupil, described the experience, saying: “At first, I didn’t know what it was and then I realised it was a festival of colour. I enjoyed it because it was something different, and it was really fun. It made me want to go to India.”

A focus on India this term also involved children practising henna tattooing on rubber gloves moulded over plaster of Paris and making their own elephant figurines to learn more about religious practices in India.

A visiting dance teacher came in to instruct them on traditional Indian dance moves and the pupils were taught a Bollywood dance routine, which they then performed.

As part of Northdown’s commitment to widening the children’s knowledge of the world and cultural awareness, the pupils have been learning about Indian life and how it compares to life in the UK.

Year 5 teacher Sasha Bryant said: “We took part in a Holi festival which means ‘festival of colour’- it originated from India and is now celebrated across the world in many countries. It takes place in March, marking the start of spring and involves throwing powder paint at one another.

“In Year 5, we joined this celebration as part of our learning and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Taking part in real life experiences really helps to develop their knowledge and understanding of events.”

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