Campaigners call for more road safety measures on Dumpton Park Drive

Members of Dumpton Park Drive Safer Roads Action Group at the road junction with Montefiore Avenue

Residents in Ramsgate’s Dumpton Park Drive are calling for further safety measures for pedestrians trying to cross the wide road and motorists who have limited sightlines at some of the junctions.

A campaign was initially started last year following the death of a woman cyclist in a collision at the junction with Montefiore Avenue.

Kent Highways has since installed yellow lines on junction corners, including at Montefiore, but residents say the road is not safe with many motorists exceeding speed limits and instances of inconsiderate parking making pedestrians crossing, or cars pulling out at junctions, difficult.

Those involved in the Make Our Road Safe! Dumpton Park Drive Safer Roads Action Group  say there have been at least seven collisions during 2021/22 as well as several near misses.

At a meeting of residents this month suggestions included extending the yellow lines, installing traffic islands, introducing a 20mph zone or even creating a mini-roundabout.

Town councillor Pat Makison, who is a member of the Dumpton Park Drive campaign group, said: “We want traffic to move more slowly and there are different ways of doing that – speed controls, a mini roundabout, 20mph limit, ANPR camera, island refuge or pedestrian crossing. The school also has issues and many schools have a 20mph limit outside them so why haven’t we?.”

One resident said a roundabout for the Montefiore junction could be the cheapest option while another suggested extending the yellow lines outside Harebrook, adding: “Turning right from there, you take your life in your hands, it’s inherently dangerous.”

Campaign group chairman Bob Barrass said an extension of the yellow lines at the junctions would improve sightlines by preventing the issue of parked cars.

He added: “We are trying to make as much progress as we can with limited resources but we are in it for the long haul. We need more volunteers, people who can commit some time and effort.

“We want to get something done, we do not want more people killed or injured.”

The issues in the road have been included in a Highway Improvement Plan created by Ramsgate Town Council to be forwarded to Kent County Council.

A Kent County Council (KCC) spokesperson said: “We are aware of concerns raised about the safety of Dumpton Park Drive, Ramsgate.

“Our team has visited the site and spoken to local representatives to discuss any changes that could be made.

“Following agreement with Ramsgate Town Council, waiting restrictions have been installed and we continue to work with the town council to explore further options through its Highway Improvement Plan.”

Campaign page: Make Our Road Safe! Dumpton Park Drive Safer Roads Action Group 


  1. I totally agree with this campaign.It would also be a good idea to clear the turfs of grass growing in the kerbs everywhere as you head towards Ramsgate.This is also a health ans safety issue.TDC need to get theif shovels out.

    • H&S issues ?

      Dont see why shovels are needed as that leaves the roots in place to regrow, unless of course KCC are going to employ 1000’s to do all the streets in kent.

      Most effective way is spray with glyphosate and sweep the gutters. One KCC doesnt have the funds to sweep roads and two lots of people dont like glyphosate.

      The problem of weeds is only going to get worst, take a look a the problem in Brighton.

  2. It would be a good idea if everyone who uses the roads, showed more care, then we wouldn’t have as many accidents.
    When a person is using the road weather driving, or cycling they should be aware of what is happening around them, its called forward planning ,also common sense.
    And I’m talking as a driver cyclist and pedestrian.

  3. Extending the yellow lines is desperately needed as parked cars block the line of sight. We’ve had double yellows added in Southwood which has really helped but still idiots park on them. No enforcement makes a mockery of them.

    • You need double yellow lines on the foot paths as well as the road, that way no one can park at all.
      Because as the law stands at the moment people can park on double yellow lines in the road for 1/4 an hour.
      I see it all around Broadstairs area people break the law all the time and nothing is done about it.

      • Strictly speaking, yellow lines restrict parking anywhere on that bit of road, whether it be the carriage way or the footpath.

      • “Because as the law stands at the moment people can park on double yellow lines in the road for 1/4 an hour.”

        Only if they’re a business delivering to another business.

  4. KCC have been aware of these problems for many years.

    The most concerning aspect is that this road that snakes into Bellevue Road at another dangerous crossing point with Thanet Road, and is unclassified.

    It is used by KCC as a bypass for Hereson Road which is classified.

    Ironically it was safer and there was less visual clutter before the bizarre road markings and chicanes which residents now use for parking.

    This road covers 2 wards at least and any proposals should be considered holistically. A solution in one place may well create problems elsewhere.

  5. “say the road is not safe with many motorists exceeding speed limits” I always wonder how residents quantify this without the use of proper measuring hardware…because its factually known that most people are terrible judges of speed when in a pedestrian capacity…

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