Two injured after car flips on roof in Broadstairs

Two people were injured Photo Jas Hudson

Police and ambulance staff are attending a crash in Broadstairs where a car has flipped on to its roof.

Emergency services were called to Granville Road at 2.55pm today (March 17). Two people have suffered injuries.

A  Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police are attending a single vehicle collision in Granville Road, Broadstairs, which was reported at 2.55pm. Street furniture was reportedly damaged during the incident.

Photo Jas Hudson

“The South East Coast Ambulance Service was also called to the scene as two people have sustained injuries. Vehicle recovery work is ongoing.”

South East Coast Ambulance Service has been asked for further details.


  1. Two people have been injured and you think it’s funny to make a comment like that, shame on you.
    You don’t know the circumstance so show some respect

    • These guys were driving like idiots. If they weren’t going 60mph, they wouldn’t have done it. Lucky they didn’t kill someone. Deserve what ever happened to them!

    • Driving like idiots, so no I wont show them any respect.

      Just like they didnt show respect to anyone around them when this happened!

  2. And we all lost our Bt broadband too due to street furniture being damaged, till later tonight apparently.
    How did the car end up on its roof !

  3. Two dickheads drove past me at speed not long before that on Swinburne Avenue. Hopefully it was them or it would mean there were two pairs of bell ends careering dangerously around town at the same time.

    • Vale Road being nigh on arrow straight from Castle Close to Gladstone Road is seemingly a magnet for loons who wish to cover it as fast as possible , late evenings to have a car pass by at 60 plus is not unusual. Maybe the cretin in this incident was one such road user. There will be a nasty incident one day.

  4. Pretty poor reporting – this car was being driven at excessive speed (I have CCTV footage), had no insurance, no MOT and no Road Tax. The driver ran off from the scene, leaving his two passengers behind, injured. Miracle he didn’t kill someone given the speed he was going down The Vale which is a narrow street. 30 seconds earlier and two women with children would have been directly in his path.

    • So in the absence of the passengers naming the driver , it’ll be a case of no further action and the druver will be free to carry on as they choose.

    • “this car was being driven at excessive speed (I have CCTV footage)”

      How, given your CCTV should legally (ico data protection regulations) only be pointed at your property and not into the road/pavements?

      • A rather outdated viewpoint made totally irrelevant in the age of video door bells, wireless cameras, dash cams and the mobile phones ability to capture images. Even more so when you consider the number of times we see the police appealing for footage.

  5. IT provider stated broadband should be up and running by Wednesday evening. Oh dear I think not.
    Clearly this is a job that will take a week plus to sort out especially given that at about midday Monday there wasn’t even anyone there.
    The whole cabinet needs to be rebuilt and there could even be sub surface cables damaged.
    Many thanks to the moron that did this.

    • We’re the same BT/ Plusnet have said it’ll be fixed by tomorrow 19.30 ! I think we’re going to be off line for a while, I’m curious how many broadband customers in Broadstairs area are off line ! Plusnet have given us access to the BT hotspot WiFi but it’s extremely slow at in 0.25 !

    • I can guarantee it’s longer than 3 days. These are just standard quoted service times. Tuesday at 8.30 there was still no-one there. There might be later of course.
      It’s also the bad luck of the draw as to who is impacted as there is more than one cabinet there. Some people still have broadband in the surrounding streets as their connection didn’t go to that cabinet

  6. Phoned Plusnet. Oh we have been told it will be resolved tonight.
    Everyone impacted needs to contact their broadband supplier and complain. Tell them the telecoms cabinet has been flattened and openreach have still not been on site.
    If not we will be without broadband for weeks. I guarantee it.
    It will now be off next week as well.

  7. Just had an update from talktalk. Openzone are telling them it will be done on the 24th, and to review back to them on the 25th. I think I’ll get a draft ready…

    • I’d love that to be the case Keith. Quite what Openreach base that on is beyond me.
      The concrete around the base has been broken up and they don’t even know if the cables have been damaged sub surface. They then have to rebuild the whole cabinet.
      Thanks for your update but yes don’t be surprised if the date comes and goes.
      It would be great to be pleasantly surprised….for once.

  8. the job is part of a service outage with the incident ID AF-IE-1947267231 reason Switch Down alarm in SMARTS Indicates that the root cause is a failed system. where 312 end user lines are affected, the target fix date is 24-03-2023,

  9. Ok here is the update. Engineers on site with new box. It will be a complex job.
    If they can get the connection working it will be a battery back up situation and and connection will be slow/intermittent. It won’t be a final fix by the end of tomorrow in his view.
    Also if it is..working..tomorrow and slow etc it will be pointless phoning the service providers as that’s the situation.
    He did say with the number of connections and how the service works you might be better leaving it off until the final fix

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