Tim Hortons team gets ready for Westwood site opening

New staff are getting ready for the opening on Monday

Staff at the Westwood Tim Hortons are coming to the end of their training and waiting for the doors to open to the public at 7am on Monday.

The Canadian restaurant and drive-thru has taken on just over 70 staff for the new venue, slightly less than the figure quoted by Thanet Job Centres of 103.

Managers have now completed a 6 week training course while all other staff undertook two weeks preparation.

The team has had a trial run today with a number of invited guests.

The venue at Broadstairs Retail Park (the roundabout area from Tesco to The Range) will be celebrating the official opening with prizes up for grabs.

The first customers in the drive-thru and the restaurant queue winning free drinks for a year. The first 100 customers will receive a free breakfast meal.

Customers can try out the coffee, shakes, the hallmark donuts and Timbits as well as sandwiches, wraps and burgers.

The restaurant will be open from 6am till midnight, seven days a week with dine-in, drive-thru, takeaway and delivery options available

The first Tim Horton outlet opened in Canada in 1964. The chain began opening sites in the UK in 2017 and now has 76 venues.


  1. The Canadian restaurant and drive-thru has taken on just over 70 staff for the new venue, slightly less than the figure quoted by Thanet Job Centres of 103.

    Yes, many of us said 103 was ludicrous for such a small store & would have to be downgraded.

    • It’s still over 70 jobs created,and people maybe off the dole,because of Tim Hortons good luck to the company and the staff

  2. First Prize-a coronary & free ambulance ride to the hospital 30 minutes down the road*

    Second Prize-a years free hypertension

    Third Prize-six months of the squits for free

    * Ambulance could take 48 hours to arrive & a further 48 hours to be seen, depending on strikes, staff illness & overcrowding in A&E

  3. Great, just what Thanet needed. Another fast ‘food’ (If thats what it can be called) place offering coffee.

      • Bore of Steve. Nothing you’ve said has been remotely interesting nor constructive. Well done to the 70 new staff members wish you all the luck and I will pop through in the early hours for a coffee en route to work. *unlike Steve whom probably doesn’t work or do anything just moans blah blah blah*

  4. Fast food is mostly junk food. We all know this and it is usually lazy people who can’t cook for themselves or family who visit these places. Watch Jamie Oliver on TV and make real food in no time. Get a filter coffee maker and enjoy your own fresh coffee.
    Steve is an obvious troll but he is right on this occasion.
    We don’t need more “drive-thru” quick-fix Canadian or American themes in our food industry. More Jamie Oliver, please.

    • Edward, it is a strange dichotomy that we have been bombarded with healthy living messages, yet the only things being opened are greasy junk food places & high sugar coffee places & in such vast numbers-especially in such a small area as Thanet.

      The only thing left in the seeming desire to fulfill the predictions of half th world or over being obese in a quarter of a century or so is for the rest of the US, Europe & the UK to start opening Heart Attack Grills & having Mukbang Days in the street.

      Troll? Maybe, but I am more just trying to add humour in-of course it might not be funny, or might be depending on your view. But some here don’t seem to be able to see the sardonic nature of my posts & think it is deadly serious.

  5. Am a loss for words-Silly place to build it-Right on the corner off a already busy roundabout-cars going to Tesco-and wickes and The range-At gridlock cross.

  6. Strikes me that the new Tim Horton fast food eatery is very dull and uniform inside. Very little imagination has gone into it. I also find it incredible that new staff need so much intensive training just to serve coffee and prepare junk food. Not exactly rocket science.
    I am immediately put off by the photos depicting the boring tables and chairs laid out symmetrically. They alone put me off and I shall not be visiting the place.

    • You find these huge corporations demand total uniformity-every store has to look identical, the staff have to be in the correct uniform at all times, the banal catchphrases such as have a nice day have to be used by them all without fail etc.

  7. It is a sad state of affairs that these type of establishments are job providers for Thanet,rather than construction and skills industries.
    However,they are the growth industries in this area,because the public demand fast food outlets,where you do not even have to get out of your car to obtain sustenance.
    What is important,though,is that employment has been provided to a number of people ,who would,otherwise,be unemployed.

      • I have notice the last decade or so, that even in the supermarkets the younger ones have been schooled in the phony school of saying have a nice day now & to engage you in chit chat about what your plans are for the day & what they did last night-even though it is the first time you have ever encountered each other.

        The older staff just ignore such ludicrous instructions thankfully & engage you in a genuine manner.

    • Eric, two things you can count on in large volumes in deprived areas are junk food outlets & bookies. While Thanet has to be realistic as to what is going to work in an area like this, it should aspire a bit higher than obesity food/drink outlets & wiping old people’s bums as the major sources of employment.

      Of course our leaders like going back to the failed past-promises of vast local jobs at Manston Airport from RSP, from the same guy that promised them for Wiggins in 1998 & never delivered & neither did the following operators over the next 15 plus years & cost the taxpayer vast sums. The ferry service that ended up costing the taxpayer vast sums etc.

      Wonder when the failed to get anywhere China Gateway project that was going to make Thanet a world leader from the late 1990’s to the early/mid 2010’s will make a return?

      It also likes to pretend that Thanet & especially Margate is Paris, Florence, New York or Brighton with the ‘art’ stuff that never creates any money or jobs-unless you are running the Turner or in with the boss of Dreamland, yet costs obscene amounts to fund & now we have the supposed ‘digital hub’ that like the art crowd will provide courses for jobs that don’t exist here & those green lighting them have zero interest in even trying to have them here.

      While it is good that 70 odd people have jobs, they are not well paid & it remains to be seen whether it will be there long-term, the site is a bizarre place to locate & even 70 seems too many for such a small store.

      Again, it also depends on the workforce make-up, if there are people that have been forced to work there when they have been to University at great expense, or starve by the DWP who are too ‘busy’ to help them get suitable jobs-under the Tory ‘vote winning’ edict of the peasants must sing for their supper, then what a waste of money & talent.

      • Another feature of Thanet is an abundance of gyms, expensive restaurants and cocktail bars. And jewellers selling ‘pre owned’ Rolexes, Cartiers etc, for up to £12K.

  8. Welcome Tim Horton, hope the staff are trained well, please keep up standards and treat all the customers well with a polite greeting and a smile, unlike practically everywhere else in this dump of an Island

    • Fred, we are not an island but a set of islands. Hence the British Isles.
      Only mental defectives or retards walk about with a permanent smile. Is this what Tim Horton is recruiting? Have a nice day.

      • RE I refer to the Isle of Thanet a place taken over by more undesirables than care to think, who dump their rubbish in the streets,park where they want and have no manners when serving customers, there is to much of a don’t care and bad attitude in Thanet and all I was saying I hope that doesn’t happen in Tim’s place

        • Fred, Thanet is no longer an isle ever since the Wantsum Channel silted up. Thanet is simply Thanet. It is not unique in being populated by boorish bad-mannered oafs. You find them everywhere.
          Blame the schools and the parents who drag up these louts. Then there’s the violent and foul-mouthed films churned out by Hollywood and flooding our TV screens. In short, it’s the new culture.
          I lived in California for six months in the 1970s where please and thank you were never uttered. Instead, that insincere have a nice day. I never forgot my own English good manners. Now, you don’t hear it even here. The Americanisation of England.

  9. All the local villages must be missing their idiots today, they are all in the comments section here.

  10. Fred, a former editor of the Thanet Times, Mike Williams, dubbed Thanet, the Planet Thanet. A bit of fun.
    But the Isle of Thanet is clearly a total misrepresentation. We are clearly very much attached to the rest of Kent without bridges or tunnels to connect us.
    A bit like Great Britain. Is it any longer great? Do we have an empire any longer yet the honours list tries to perpetuate the myth.
    Thanet is simply Thanet … neither an isle nor a planet.

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