Oh Jeremy Corbyn — The Big Lie to be screened in Broadstairs

Oh Jeremy Corbyn — The Big Lie

A new documentary film claiming to tell the “shocking” truth about what happened to Jeremy Corbyn’s is to be screened in Broadstairs on Friday 31 March.

“Oh Jeremy Corbyn — The Big Lie” tells the story of the rise and fall of the former Labour leader.

The film’s producer, Broadstairs’ resident Norman Thomas, said: “While he was leader of the Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn was subject to all kinds of sensational media coverage. He faced a storm of accusations — including even of being an enemy spy! The aim of this film is to at last try to get the truth out there.”

Narrated by veteran comedian Alexei Sayle, “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” includes contributions from people who were at the heart of events surrounding Mr Corbyn’s leadership, including film-maker Ken Loach and Jeremy Corbyn’s former political adviser Andrew Murray.

The film is produced by award-winning Platform Films who have made programmes for Channel 4 and the BBC.

Mr Thomas said: “The film tells an absolutely shocking story of treachery and deception.  People of all political colours and none will be amazed by the tale it has to tell.”

But finding cinemas prepared to screen the film has been a mountain to climb, according to Mr Thomas

“It’s been a huge problem just getting the film shown,” Mr Thomas said, “This is because it’s such a controversial topic and provokes such strong reactions. At one point we thought we’d never find anywhere to put it on.”

In the end, the 80-minute documentary received its world premiere earlier this year in Berlin’s historic Babylon Cinema, in front of a sell-out audience of 500 people.

Now Mr Thomas says cinemas across Britain are planning to screen the film and there will be a showing at The Palace in Broadstairs this month.

He said: “It’s great to see our local cinema in Broadstairs showing the film. But it’s only one of a growing number of independent venues across the country now taking it up. The film has an important story to tell — and I think a lot of people want to hear it.”

He added: “We want feedback. Go and see the film and please tell us what you think. We’re working on a follow-up film now and we’re really looking for input.”

Oh Jeremy Corbyn — The Big Lie” is on Friday 31 March, 7pm, at the Palace Cinema, Broadstairs. Tickets: £5 (cash on door only – no bookings).

To see a trailer of the film, go to  https://youtu.be/9TACIA7oSIk


  1. Excellent. Looking forward to this. Hope it shows how voters were duped by the media into putting Johnson into power.

  2. You mean the right wing media and “celebs” like Alan Sugar might have lied to people?!?


  3. dont worry all the rotten lot of them will be gone at the next election , they have already started stashing thier cash away already, and are working hard at feathering thier nests with what time they have left

  4. Oh good. I wonder if it’ll touch on his kremlin agitprop peddling, antivax, climate change denial brother who made him totally unelectable and a national security risk nightmare? Maybe it’ll touch on his Russia/Ukraine appeasement?

    • Boris Johnson ignored the advice of the Security Council and made a Russian Oligarch a Lord. The advice was that Evgeny Lebedev’s close links to Putin would pose a threat to national security, but the Tories still put him in the House of Lords. Everyone that voted Tory did more for Russian than Corbyn ever has.

  5. Does anybody honestly think Corbyn would have been a good PM? Afraid far left is just as bad as far right.

      • Well N.P. Munson, we got the rabid right winger, Liz Truss instead didn’t we, and I don’t remember voting for her, do you! She crashed the economy, and made GB into a world wide laughing stock, Duurh! I am not a member of any political party, but I would have preferred Corbin any time, rather than Truss! Mobility problems will prevent me seeing the film, but I hope it is shown soon on TV, channel 4 perhaps!

        • The great and wise people of Britain voted for Tory MPs and those Tory MP voted for Liz Truss to be PM. That’s how democracy works in our country. If you don’t want terrible PMs like Truss, Boris, Rishi, May, Cameron etc then stop voting Tory. And don’t bother voting Labour, Starmer is a fraud.

      • Not for me, it isn’t. I too would prefer Corbyn to any of the Tories, not just to Liz Truss.

    • The alternative was Johnson who was MSM oligarchs candidate as it suited their agenda to drain the ‘little people’ in order to ensure the huge wealth divide grew wider. Most people sadly fell for the intense gaslighting & now we have 500-1000 excess deaths each week.

  6. Corbyn was like Chauncey Gardiner from the film being there.Others assume that he has some mystical insights,yet in reality they were myopic statements that failed to allow for context and harm to long standing groups within labour.
    He was done in by the antisemitism paraded by those whose enthusiasm for Palestine out reached the damage their words did to Labour within the Jewish community which itself can sometimes seem fissiparous.
    He also allowed some real knackers to take control,like Barry (Chinese) Gardiner.
    Boris did the same,but it is only now that we can see that his confabulations had even less credibility than Corbyn’s.Many would agree that water,the railways,buses and infrastructure should be state owned or controlled.

  7. He is one of the reasons I couldn’t vote Labour,I have voted Labour all my life except,when he was standing and Foot stood,I abstained both times and will do until the Labour party get rid of extreme left wingers,and idiots,there is not another party i will vote for,shame because there is a lot like me

    • You seem to prefer a Tory government because that’s what your “abstention” led to. Corbyn wouldn’t have been perfect but which of them ever has been? I’d much rather have had Corbyn than Johnson, Truss or even nice cuddly Rishi…

      • No I don’t a Tory government and certainty don’t want a Jeremy type government, do you want me to vote greens or another party, get a life not everyone is a hard line left winger

        • No unfortunately in this country most are now right wing nuts and fairly far right. The sad thing is they are sleep walking into a national disaster. They’d do well to look at other countries that adopted similar language and policies and what happened…

          all because they believe three word spin designed to make them poorer.

      • I know you’re referring to the 2019 election but the whole ‘if you don’t vote Labour you’re a Tory enabler’ attitude just shows that Starmer’s Labour are completely devoid of any ideas. All they’ve got is trickle down economics and stop the boats racism.

  8. This country desperately need a fairer electoral system to reflect all of the people opinions. Why do Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland elect their Assembly Members using a Proportional Representation system, but England doesn’t? Its not perfect, but their PR electoral system better reflects minorities, than First Past The Post ever can!

  9. Seen the film at the Conway Hall. It is an excellent documentary that clearly shows how the capitalist state; their media propaganda machine, the PLP and state of Israel conspired to destroy an emerging movement lead by Jeremy Corbyn; as they were terrified the status quo of bleeding the many dry to keep the few rich could end. The critics of this post and JC I’m sure will carry on being fooled and keep the capitalists in power.

    Great example of rewriting anti Zionism as anti semitism and how the masses were duped into believing this.

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