Anger as vandals graffiti Margate buildings resulting in £3k clean up cost

Four people were seen spraying the building

A property management boss says it has cost some £3,000 to put right after vandals covered buildings in Margate with graffiti twice in one week.

Shaun Luca looks after properties including the Age Concern shop and flats building in the High Street which was targeted last Sunday and again on Wednesday night. Neighbouring properties backing onto the Meeting Street car park were also graffitied.

Because of the height of the area where the graffiti was sprayed Shaun says the owner had to pay for scaffolding and for the building to be cleaned, totalling £3000. Further money has been spent on new cameras and other security measures.

He said: “I’ve put cameras up so hopefully will catch them if they do it again. They graffitied the Age UK building, next door and all up the alleyway which was closed for ages but is now open again.

“The police came out Wednesday night but said the CCTV cameras aren’t working. I didn’t report it to the council as they don’t do anything.

“These kids are climbing onto roofs and putting graffiti on people’s property. It costs thousands of pounds to get it removed and put extra security measures in place to stop them doing it.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police is investigating a report of criminal damage that occurred to a building in Margate High Street.

“Officers were called to the property just before 9pm on Wednesday 8 March when it was reported that four people were spray painting the building and causing damage to the roof.  On arrival there were no suspects present.

“Enquiries are ongoing and anyone with information should contact Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting reference 46/43827/23”

Complaints made to Thanet council about graffiti are dealt with differently depending on whether the graffiti is obscene or not, or whether it is located on public or private land.

Thanet council does not clear graffiti from private property. Obscene graffiti is prioritised with all other instances on council property added to a weekly clearance list.

Every piece of graffiti costs the council at least £200 a square metre to clean up by either removing or painting over – equating to over £22,000 a year.

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