Motorcyclist arrested after police pursuit from Cliftonville to Manston

Image Kent Police

A 61-year-old motorcyclist was arrested yesterday (March 7) following a police pursuit from Cliftonville to Manston.

The chase began at around 12.20am when a motorcyclist refused to pull over in Eastern Esplanade when police signalled for them to stop. Kent Police’s Tactical Operations team eventually stopped the man in Columbus Avenue at Manston.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “At around 12.20am on Tuesday 7 March, a motorbike failed to stop for police when requested to do so in Eastern Esplanade.

“Following a pursuit by officers from Kent Police’s Tactical Operations team, the motorbike was stopped in Columbus Avenue, near Manston.”

A 61-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of failing to stop and dangerous driving. He has since been bailed pending further enquiries.


  1. oh thanks, thats why our pizza delivery was a no show.

    Oh by the way with the information already mentioned, any motorist has the lawful right to ignore blue flashing lights from behind. They want the driver to be startled & more.

    Neon blue flashing lights are available on the internet, the time 12.20am is significant. The single maned moped~ driver needs to consider their vulnerability.

    Maybe it comes to court and this person is guilty of something massive and has to do bird with disgraced police f icers already locked up.

    Others will have different opinions,why hide

    • Sorry ,just ,checked it ,if the Police want to pull you over ,using blue lights,you have to pull over by law,or risk a fine

  2. Now if they could just catch all the illegal motorcycles riding around. The uninsured,untaxed,no mot and often no helmets or lights bunch that ride around without any regard for anyone else. Probably a fair few cars too.

  3. These youngsters and their motorbikes, eh! Had he removed the baffles from his exhaust pipe I wonder? Thats an arrestable offence in my view!

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