A £1m refurb, 20 new jobs and £2000 donation to Newington Community Centre as Ramsgate Home Bargains set to open

Home Bargains

A £1 million refurb has been completed as Home Bargains gets ready to open its latest store at Boundary Road, Ramsgate at 8am on Saturday, March 11.

The opening creates 20 new jobs in a team of 39, which includes some staff and management who will transfer from local stores.

Home Bargains is also donating £2,000 to Newington Community Association, which runs the community centre on the estate to benefit residents. The centre hosts creative activities, Chill Club for young people, Food Club, and cooking sessions.

On receiving the news that they are Home Bargains’ chosen charity, a Newington Community Association spokesperson said: “Thank you for this amazing donation; we will be creating some activities so that the wider community can enjoy this wonderful gift.”

The new Ramsgate store will join over 575 Home Bargain outlets across the UK. Opening approximately 50 stores a year, Home Bargains is bucking current trends in the industry.

Casey Abbott B.E.M, the new Ramsgate store manager, joined Home Bargains in 2021 and was awarded the British Empire Medal (B.E.M) for services to retail in June 2021 in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

The Ramsgate dad said: “I’m very excited to be opening our new store in Ramsgate and building a new team, who are all from the local area. This is the first Home Bargains for this community. The team and I look forward to welcoming shoppers to the store very soon.”

The 15,209 sq. ft store will offer shoppers various products, including homewares, health and beauty essentials, sweets, snacks and drinks, and fresh and frozen food. It is at the former Aldi site off Boundary Road.

Former St George’s student Casey added: “Ramsgate will be a great location for us, and we’re proud to offer local people top-branded goods at exceptionally low prices.”

For more information visit www.homebargains.co.uk.

Ramsgate dad recognised in The Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021

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    • Well they give them to corrupt bankers who crash the economy, genocidal dictators, arms dealers etc & Boris just nominated his father for one-for services to nothing but being his dad.

    • His award was for ensuring that old age pensioners got to do their shopping at the start of the pandemic when all the selfish idiots were clearing the shelves in every shop

  1. Jolly good! Another example of this “growth” that politicians of all persuasions seems to think is crucial.
    Another opportunity for low-paid workers to sell each other imported items made in China. Then going to a new coffee shop where low paid workers sell each other coffees and teas.
    Nothing wrong with medals for “services to retail”. Selling things to each other is all we have got!It keeps cash circulating amongst the low paid population(which is most of us) while every new “bargain store” can be counted as “economic growth”.

  2. This store should do well considering the number of new dwellings being built in the Ramsgate area added to the existing. Lets hope that they have a big enough car park to cope otherwise the traffic wardens are going to be kept busy.

    • Yes it has a big car park ,it’s the former work store,and why the moans about it and others opening,it’s jobs ,if you don’t like the store don’t use it ,is not compulsory to use, tell someone who has got a job at last ,that it’s not wanted,enjoy life,stop the snobbish moaning ,I bet most moaners, use stores like this,a lot of its products are lot cheaper than the local supermarkets

  3. God you lot are miserable twats! Don’t you have something more productive to do instead of whinge?
    Shame you’re not more like the young man, if his award was for helping out the elderly in a time of need – Respect to him!

    • I just said Premier stores are a lot cheaper than supermarkets a lot of the time. Who you calling a twat? and who is miserable whingers? God, who is doing that Tara, maybe you?

      • Give your head a wobble and wind your neck in fgs, l wasn’t talking to you ok! Have a day off and learn some grammar maybe? 🙄

  4. Yeah, yeah let’s give ourselves a pat on the back for the most mundane and pedestrian actions any retail worker could possibly think of. Then we can revel in warm and fuzzy smug self-satisfaction and claim faux civic duty.

  5. “This is the first Home Bargains for this community.”

    Except the one that’s been in westwood for donkeys.

  6. Cant wait for shop to open. Not all of can get to Margate or the soulless Westwood Cross easily. Now we just need to fill all the other empty shops in Ramsgate so that Ramsgate people can once again shop in Ramsgate and be served by Ramsgate staff. If Ramsgate people can walk to work we will be doing our bit to reduce carbon levels.

  7. Need specialised Security for the muggers lurking outside who might make away with the cut price thingy-bobs and what-nots.

    No drug dogs though or the shop will be like a ghost town… bands won’t shop no more to much mugging on the shop floor.

  8. After shopping there don’t forget to give that beggar a kick if he turns up again, after he used to sit outside when ALDI had the store! He, and a few other wasters lived in one of the new flats in King Street!

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