Sponsored content: Southern Water invite to Broadstairs drop-in session

Water director Tim McMahon

A letter to Broadstairs residents from Southern Water director Tim McMahon:

Broadstairs residents, please join us on 14th March at St Andrews Community Hall, Broadstairs to find out more about how we’re improving your local water supply.

We know that we’ve caused a lot of distress and disruption for you over the past year and that you have been left without water on a number of occasions. We agree that this is unacceptable and we’ve been working hard to update the water network, supply works and booster stations in your local area to make them more resilient to power outages and bursts.

We’d like to invite you to join us at a drop in on 14th March at St Andrews Community Hall, Reading Street, CT10 3AZ  from 3:00pm to 5:30pm to learn more. I’ll be on hand to answer any questions you might have about our water networks, and we’ll also have members of our customer team on hand to talk to you about compensation payments and our priority support services.

When we last spoke to you, we’d already installed a new temporary back-up generator at our Rumfields site, and we’re pleased to report that a permanent connector and generator have now been put in place. We’ve also installed a new system that allows us to switch to alternative supplies during power outages. The site’s water tower has also now been relined, which means that we’re able to store more water locally, avoiding further outages in the future.

We’re investing a total of £2 billion, which is around £1,000 per household, across our region between 2020–25 to improve our services to you, reduce pollution, and fix leaks.

I look forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,

Tim McMahon

Water Director



  1. I’m more concerned with the pathogen and drug laced raw sewage that’s choking up our natural habitats and destroying local business and amenity. And putting people’s health at risk.

  2. It is outrageous, on many levels. SW had £1billion bailout recently but 3/4 of it simply serviced their debt. 20% of the money we pay them in our bills also services their debt.
    The water crisis this “Water Director” talks about was no accident or ‘act of god’ it was down to chronic underfunding and lack of maitenance of critical infrastructure.
    SW has been in private hands for 34 years, long enough to get routines and regimes to maintain the supply of drinking water and treat sewage and rainfal in place. But no, they’ve been too busy asset stripping the business and borrowing money to give to shareholders and Directors.
    Investing £2billion? Are we expected to be impressed? SW need to provide a plan that ensures good drinking water (with no “forever chemicals” from the Manston aquifer) and water treatment.
    But this has to be within a few years not decades.
    SW are guilty of crimes but, now our government have changed the laws, these are now standard industry practice.

  3. I’ll go if they send a taxi for me! What’s the disabled access like at St Andrews? Not on the loop.

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