Woman arrested on suspicion of drink-driving and dangerous driving after crash in Ramsgate

Image Kent Police

A woman has been bailed after she was arrested following a crash in Ramsgate on Saturday (February 25).

Kent Police and SECAMb paramedics were called to St Lukes Avenue at 3.30pm to the crash involving a car and a motorcyclist.

The motorcyclist suffered injuries and was taken to hospital. The injuries are understood not to be life threatening.

A woman in her 20s was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and dangerous driving.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “At around 3.30pm on Saturday 25 February, Kent Police was called to a collision involving a car and a motorcyclist in St Lukes Avenue, Ramsgate.

“Officers and paramedics attended the scene where the motorcyclist was treated for injuries. He was taken to a local hospital for further medical attention.

“A woman in her 20s was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and dangerous driving and taken into custody. She was later bailed to return to the police station on 24 May.”


  1. St Lukes Avenue seems to have more than its fare share of vehicle accidents, despite the installation of speed bumps a few years ago! I live not far from it, and travel down it several times a week, and its not uncommon to see parked vehicles damaged by drunken, or drugged up drivers, a few months ago there were 7 from one drunken driver! Is St Lukes Avenue used as a slip road by drivers in the hope they won’t get stopped after having taken drink?

    • No it’s a rat run to avoid two sets of lights. When the drivers using it are “ not at their best” the humps , road being relatively narrow and pretty straight ( encouraging the irresponsible to go faster) make it a hazardous road.

      • How fast they are going is only one small element. The fact that careless drivers similar to this irresponsible lady, are under the influence. To address this will require physical police presence with speed cameras to support when they are available. More random stop and breathalyse approach would take more of these selfish and dangerous people off the roads.

        The 20mph zones are no good without enforcement (cameras etc). The reduction of 10mph is not the answer.

        Prevention is better than cure, as they say.

  2. The so called speed humps are useless along St Luke’s Avenue.
    Vehicles parking very close to the corners, obstructing the vision of other drivers the junction of holly Road is very dangerous and speeding will lead to a fatality one day before KCC does anything about it. I have a friend who lives in that road and she tells me there is often accidents caused by speeding drunks. Of course no police until after the event.

  3. Where can you get a drink at that time, must have been a private party. Why the hell did she not pay a fiver, or so, for a taxi. It’s going to cost her a lot more than that now, especially if she need her driving licence to get to work. People who go out to have a ‘good’ drink, just be think of the consequences.

  4. The young woman in question, whom I know personally, did not fail a breath test. She was taken to Margate Police Station to be tested for impairment due to symptom of severe shock. No charges made for Drink Drive. Reporting on this incident is extremely misleading and has caused great distress. Remember “suspicion of” is extremely different to “Charged with”. Complaint being raised to media outlet by family.

      • I’m aware that news outlets scan the police database every day as a “community service” however, sensationalising the “story” with pictures of hand cuffs is wrong and misleading, especially when no charges of an offense were made. This could negatively impact the view of witnesses at the scene who may now wish to withdrawal from giving a statement due to an incorrect drink-drive prejudice, reported by you. The incorrect misrepresentation by the police is being dealt with through legal channels. I suggest you, as an author, give more thought to what you publish in the future. Innocent until proven guilty is a cornerstone of British law. Your report allows trial by public jury without the correct facts at hand.

        • I didn’t scan a police channel, I asked Kent Police for the details and published those without alteration. I am happy to change the main image to another generic one.

  5. I can’t see anything wrong with this article no names were published & it’s news – OK maybe you do know this woman that crashed her car & injured a motorcyclist so the police report & they are testing her for drink driving which is standard procedure in any RTC/RTA
    I cant see any incorrect misrepresentation by the police or reporters it all just seems matter of fact.
    Maybe they have beef with the police? or the media? who knows?

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