Nature with Nik Mitchell: Time to put up some nest boxes

Nik has been busy putting up nest boxes

Thanet nature expert Nik Mitchell, from Minster, runs the Wildlife Conservation in Thanet page on facebook.

This year for National Nest box Week we put up some nest boxes in Pegwell.

Our gardens, parks and woodland are neater and tidier than they used to be, being so neat and tidy is depriving birds of natural holes to make a home. To make matters worse there are fewer handy nooks and crannies in modern and refurbished buildings. The populations of many bird species are down as a result of this.

The good news is that we can do our bit to help… Putting up nest boxes is a great place to start, it’s also a great activity to do with the kids, you can even make your own box.

Here are some top tips for where to put your next box.

  • Not too close to another nest box
  • Shelter your box from the weather
  • Small-hole boxes are best placed 1-3m above ground
  • Avoid sites where foliage obscures the entrance hole – a clear flight path is important
  • Make sure cats cannot get into the box – ensure that it is not easily accessible to predators (cats and squirrels)
  • Consider a metal plate around hole to deter squirrels
  • Keep nest box away from bird feeders

Big thanks to councillor Barbara Young and Maxine Morgan for helping to make a recent nest box installation possible.

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  1. Any ideas how to stop pigeons mugging my bird feeders? I put out 2 bird feeders every morning, mainly for small birds Sparrows etc, but pigeons have worked out that if they jump on them, and flap around for a bit, bird seed will fall to the ground for their mates, about a dozen of them! I have put sticks through the Bird feeders, which helps, but they are stealing the little ones food, any ideas?

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