Art4All exhibition Proud 2 Create to go on show in Cliftonville

Getting creative at Sandra's Art4All

Fourteen local artists with a varied range of abilities and learning impairments have moved their travelling art exhibition ‘Proud 2 Create’ to Cliftonville, for the first time.

The show runs from Wednesday, March 1 to Wednesday, April 26 at Skinny Dip Coffee in Northdown Road.

All the artists exhibiting are part of the Sandra Art4All Art Studio, which was established by Sandra Hampton in 2016 to provide a platform for aspiring artists with special needs. The exhibition will showcase a vibrant collection of drawings, paintings and photographs from artists with learning impairments including Autism, Charge Syndrome, Deaf and Cerebral Palsy.

Thanet montage by Alex

They would be delighted if members of the public can support them through viewing and buying the art, while supporting a local café. For more information on the art group see:

Sandra launched Art4All at her Acol home when she was made redundant as a result of the closure of the Royal School for Deaf Children in Margate.

She said: “I believe deeply in working with small business in our local community. We have benefited greatly in the kindness and collaborations with several small businesses across Thanet and are looking for more spaces to display our artwork in for the future.

Toucan by Katie

“We are excited to show our work in a new venue and to a new community. Skinny Dip Coffee is a home from home café, an ideal space for us to display our colourful work. It has a wonderful atmosphere and will show off our pieces beautifully. We’d love people to come and see the unique artwork while enjoying a delicious brunch menu and incredible coffee.”

Peeping Cat by Jessica

Skinny Dip Café owners Tom and Amy Denning added: “Skinny Dip was born about four years ago and finally came to fruition in 2020 amid the crazy pandemic lock-downs.  We are a specialty coffee shop based in Cliftonville. We provide a variety of female-farmed specialty coffee from all over the world and our kitchen serves up Latin American inspired brunch.

“We are very excited to support a local community group and are delighted that Art4all’s beautiful pictures will grace the walls of Skinny Dip Coffee in what will be our first exhibition.  We first spotted them last summer and we knew it would be a good fit.”

Doodle by Gareth

Verbal and signed communication can be difficult for many of the artists due to the range of their needs. The art workshops allow them to express themselves and relax, whilst producing beautiful works of art. All the funds from pieces sold will be folded back into supporting the artists.

Skinny Dip Café is at 235 Northdown Road Cliftonville.

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  1. Well at least these pictures are actually better than some of the pretentious ”funded” artwork that is thrust upon us by those masquerading as ”artists” . . .

  2. I like it. Once again-as we have seen with other local artists with talent no funding, while the nonsense in the Turner get 500k plus a year. You only get funding if you are in with the ‘right art crowd’ & have people sticking household items on walls it seems.

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